Company: Saudi Geophysical
Skills: Geoscience Technician, Geoscientist, Geotechnical Engineer
Other Skills: Geomechanics Specialist
Experience: 15 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

We are seeking a Geomechanics Specialist, with expertise in well planning, borehole stability, completion, stimulation, sand/proppant production, 3D Geomechanics, fractures and pore pressure modeling, for our Northern Unconventional Characterization Division (NUCD) within the Unconventional Resources Exploration & Characterization Department (URE&CD).

This Division is responsible for the appraisal, pilot and development programs evaluation and de-risking of tight-sand gas reservoirs and shale play concepts within the Kingdom, through initiating and executing integrated subsurface projects to guide drilling campaigns and support reservoir, completion and production engineering teams for stimulation and hydraulic fracturing operations. In addition, the division also support the planning and execution of field development plans to meet hydrocarbon production targets.

The candidate primary role will be to provide detailed analysis and support for drilling, completion, hydraulic stimulation, and production optimization, and must be proficient in building fit for purpose 1D to 3D mechanical earth models. The candidate is expected to execute the following analyses as part of the established geomechanical model: wellbore stability, pore pressure prediction, fault/seal/fracture permeability, sand production prediction, casing shear analysis, coupled reservoir simulation, hydraulic fracture design, fracture stimulation and refrac analysis.

The candidate should understand lab-derived rock mechanical parameters and their application to geomechanical assessment, and their integration with drilling records, well tests and open-hole logs to derive reservoir-scale geomechanical properties and facilitate MEMs. The candidate should demonstrate through previous experience, the ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team in an operational environment that requires interactive and proactive approaches to predicting and solving geomechanical related issues which impact borehole stability, hydrofracturing, geo-steering, and production tests.

Candidate will be required to perform and demonstrate the following:
Proficiency in industry software e.g. Petrel, Techlog, Predict, WellCheck, FLAC, Elfen, Dynel, VISAGE, ABAQUS, Openwork's, is preferred. Peer-reviewed published work in the subject matter will be an added value.
• Conducting detailed geomechanical studies integrating all available data to optimize borehole planning, placement, completion, stimulation and production designs to minimize instability risks.
Building mechanical earth models from multidisciplinary data/observations to establish 1D models for individual wells to 3D and 4D models on reservoir/field and regional scales.
• Mentor young professionals on applying geomechanical principles to support drilling, completion and production, and to become future Geomechanics Specialists.
• Contribute to developing and promoting geomechanical best practices.
• Remain abreast of latest industry trends, best practices and technologies in geomechanics.


Qualification and Experience

The successful candidate will possess the following characteristics:
. A Master's degree in geosciences with a Geology or Geophysics major or engineering with a petroleum or reservoir engineering major. PhD qualification in geoscience or engineering is preferred.
. 15 years of experience, with at least 5-10 years in unconventional plays, including shale or tight sand. We will consider candidates with more or less experience, depending on the quality of their experience.
. Experience in building, maintaining, and evaluating large, complex geological models utilizing geomechanics modeling software.
. Knowledge in the integration of rock mechanics, geoscience, and engineering data.
. Previous experience working with reservoir, completion, and production engineers to conduct hydraulic stimulation evaluation on vertical and lateral sections.
. Experience working with the production and drilling departments on well stability and performance optimization is required.