Company: Noble Corporation
Skills: A B Seaman
Experience: 1 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: United States, US



• High school diploma or equivalent

• Work experience may be substituted in lieu of formal educations

• Offshore survival and medical certificates as mandated by government/client regulations are required

• Valid unlimited flag state AB license endorsed as a rating forming part of a navigational watch

• Must possess Lifeboatman and Fast Rescue Craft (FRC)

• Training as required for position as per maritime flag state requirements


Knowledge and Skills

• Knowledge of all technical calculations required for the safe operation of the drilling unit

• Basic computer skills

• Ability to work 12 hour shifts, or perhaps longer, as circumstances dictate

• Must be able to work without constant supervision



1. Prepares cargo for lift by attaching slings through shackles and other attaching devices. In addition, checks loads for clearance, obstructions, balance and proper attachment

2. Gives or relays hand signals and/or radio signals to crane operator in order to control lift and movement of load

3. Manually lifts, carries and moves equipment, tools and materials from place to place as required. Ensures correct body positioning and safe lifting procedures

4. Removes waste, debris and accumulated trash from decks, stairs, compartments and other areas of the rig and disposes off properly

5. Sweeps and washes decks, bulkheads and structures using brooms, mops, rags, brushes, air and high-pressure water hoses

6. Cleans up spills and accumulated waste and takes all necessary actions to prevent tripping and slipping hazards

7. Keeps hand tools in good condition, properly maintained and stored when not in use. Keeps lines, hoses, slings, etc., coiled and other materials properly stored

8. Assists in the care and maintenance of the rig's machinery and equipment using proper tools, all while following safety rules and procedures

9. Operates air hoists, hydraulic hoists, chain hoists and other cargo handling gear in order to pick up and move tubular and other heavy equipment

10. Assists in the care and protection of drill pipes, marine riser joints and other tubular using such items as brushes, rabbits, thread protectors, pipe dopes, etc.

11. Assists in assembling, dismantling and maintaining of deck machinery, pumps, drilling tools and other mechanical equipment

12. Assists in slipping and cutting of wire lines, inspecting and maintaining of wire and fiber lines, slings and other lifting equipment

13. Assists in erecting scaffolding and staging as required

14. Prepares and cleans deck surfaces, superstructures, bulkheads, etc., prior to priming and painting. III

15. Paints prepared surfaces as directed; i.e., apply coats of primer, paint and varnish with rollers and spray guns in accordance with painting specifications


Secondary Job Functions

1. Performs all duties in accordance with the Permit to Work System.

2. Makes recommendations for continuous improvement to the Quality Management System (QMS)

3. Performs other duties and special projects as requested by management



1. Maintains a safe area for task assigned. Stows all tools and equipment at the end of each tour so as to avoid safety hazards for other operations

2. Participates in emergency drills and responds to emergency situations as designed on station bill

3. Reports all incidents, potential hazards or abnormal situations to supervisors

4. Ensures adherence to all Noble's safety policies and procedures

5. Participates in weekly and pre-tour safety meetings


Reports to: Bosun or Deck Supervisor


Direct Supervision

• None