Company: Noble Corporation
Skills: Dynamic Positioning
Experience: 2 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: United States, US

The ADPO is the Junior DP watchstander, who trains and works under the direct supervision of
the DPO. The ADPO is to maintain the vessel on station for operations while on location, and
monitor position while underway/making way. They continuously monitor all systems critical for
DP operations, while on the DP desk. Serve as Navigational Watch Officer while relieved from DP
duty. Maintain constant communication with rig floor, ROV and Engine control room to maintain a
high level of awareness to current operations and power systems. Maintain all required forms,
logs and check lists in a professional and timely manner. Understand and follow FMEA, WSOG,
DP Operations Manual, Standing Orders, and Night Orders. Aid in the maintenance of DP system
components and position monitoring references if necessary. Responsible for implementing and
upholding safety and environmental compliance requirements.

1. BS Marine Transportation degree preferred.
2. Unlimited DPO certificate issued by the Nautical Institute.
3. USCG Unlimited Tonnage Any Oceans Third Mate's License, or equivalent
4. 1-3 years previous experience on DP vessels
5. Strong computer skills (ADP, Word, Excel).
6. Experience in leadership and management.
7. Experience in an industrial marine environment.

? Works under the direction of the DPO to work toward proficiency in DP operations to
assume duties as a DPO.
? Optimize vessel in desired position with regards to minimizing force integrals required to maintain
? Continuously monitor current and forecasted weather and met ocean conditions to anticipate
changes in net forces acting on the vessel.
? Understand and follow prescribed WSOG, Standing Orders, Night Orders, and Noble policies.
? Maintain a high level of situational awareness while on watch. Take all measures to minimize any
distractions to prudent watch keeping.
? Operate the automated and fixed station keeping system of the vessel.
? Coordinate with Captain, Barge Engineer and Rig Manager to move on or off location, starting or
securing the Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems.
? Monitor the Dynamic Positioning System and its associated equipment and instrumentation and
operate the manual DP controls if necessary to maintain the desired position of the unit over the well during drilling operations.
? Communicate with the Captain during inclement weather conditions to combine the DP system
operation with standard propulsion and/or anchored means of station keeping to ensure the desired
position of the unit is maintained.
? Maintain good communications with the drill floor, engine control room, ROV and Subsea at all
times, and advise whenever a situation is developing that might have an effect on Operations.
? Stay aware of vessel movements outside of the 500 meter. Security Exclusion Zone. Follow
protocols for vessels alongside.
? Use daily DP operational experience to continuously advance personal knowledge and pass on
lessons learned to the Noble fleet.
? Monitor and keep abreast of weather conditions at all times.
? Function as vessel radio operator.
? Update all marine navigation publications and navigational charts.
? Officer of the Watch when on tour.
? Voyage planning.
? In charge of navigation and Watch Officer's duties during transit.
? Train and instruct assigned personnel as requested by management.
? Work with and assist various groups of key supervisory personnel on the rig.
? Operate dynamic positioning equipment under the direction of the DPO.
? Operate and understand the ballast control system, Power Management System, and fire and gas
? Maintain the rig in a stable condition and at the correct draft and trim.
? Assist in the setup of the DP system operational parameters.
? Ensure that all DP system data are recorded.
? Advise the Driller and Chief Mate of potential position loss.
? Assist in performing Preventative Maintenance on DP equipment.
? Assist with running and maintaining records for hydrophones and subsea beacons.
? Make regular use of the onboard simulator, where available.
? Ensure that there is adequate power and reserves of power for the maintenance of position and
operations; give immediate attention to any problems.
? Ensure that all defects and anomalies are reported to the Chief Mate, or DPO and relevant
department heads. Maintain records of these and ensure that they are corrected adequately.
? Understudy the DPO.
? Stand navigation watch as authorized by the individual's license.
? Manage the deck crews, working outside with them as required.
? Sound ballast and bulk tanks. Assist with loading and sampling of bulk products as required.
? Assist Chief Mate and Captain with deck operations as required.
? Operate vessel's radios and radars as required.
? Perform emergency duties and responsibilities as stated on the Station Bill, DP Emergency
Response Plan and vessel-specific Emergency Response Manual.
? Complete ISM familiarization material.
? Monitor all DP room alarms including DP system, Vessel Management System (VMS), Fire and
Gas; Prioritize alarm response as necessary to maintain DP system operability by calling for
technical assistance or additional DP room help.
? Assist as directed by Chief Mate with rig projects.
? Control the vessel using manual and joystick controls.
? Use the Data Logger to optimize DP and Power Plant Operations.
? Use the Data Logger to detect and mitigate DP and Power Plant problems.
? Use the Data Logger to back up data by exporting Data Logger data to Excel Format.
? Use radar displays for detection and interpretation of local severe weather patterns.
? Know principles and planning of Power Plant operations.
? Possess a basic understanding of diesel generator controls, operations, and failure modes.
? Be familiar with principles of basic closed-loop control system theory.
? Be familiar with Emergency Response Manual.
? Be familiar with operation of all software required for the DPO position.
? Know principles of thrusters performance, failure modes and operation.
? Know principles of DP operations.
? Possess basic knowledge of the practical operation of the DP control system, including changing
between systems and the various modes of operation.
? Know principles of DP processing of reference systems, wind sensors, VRS, and other peripheral
? Know basic operational theory, calibration methods, and failure modes of electronic riser and stack
angle sensors.
? Possess a basic understanding of WSOC, drift-off calculations, and riser analysis.
? Possess a basic understanding of rig offset test to verify stack heading.
? Possess a basic understanding of Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) operations.
? Possess a basic understanding Emergency Disconnect Sequences (EDS) and Blowout Preventor
(BOP) operations.
? Possess a basic understanding drilling operations and well control.
? Possess a basic understanding of boat handling.
? Possess a basic understanding of helicopter operations - Be familiar with basic operational theory
and failure modes of pitch/roll/heave sensors.
? Be familiar with basic operational theory and failure modes of satellite and acoustic position
reference systems.
? Possess knowledge of general math, trigonometry, and geometry.
? Possess a basic knowledge of architecture of distributed automation systems.
? Possess system-specific knowledge of DP Control System redundancy, alarms and warnings.
? Possess system-specific knowledge of Vessel Management System redundancy, alarms and
? Know operational response to all DP alarms (who to call, what to do)
? Know operational response to all Vessel Management System alarms (who to call, what to do)
? Know vessel's operations manuals and communication system.
? Know vessel's Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and its implications.
? Complete training on any other systems relevant to the DP.
? Meet the training requirements according to the applicable training matrix.
? Participate fully in the annual performance appraisal process.
? Assist in training of crewmembers in the firefighting, safety and deck operations.
? Incorporate the STOP the job planning process into all tasks, whether working alone or as part of
a team.
? Call a Time Out for Safety (TOFS) whenever an unplanned hazard or a change in the expected
results is observed.
? Carry out assigned duties in a safe manner according to Company policies and procedures.
? Assist the DPOs, Chief Mates and/or Captain during emergency situations and emergency
protection responses as designated on the Station Bill.
? Perform emergency duties and responsibilities as stated on the Station Bill, DP Emergency
Response Plan, and the vessel specific Emergency Response Manual.
? Assist in communicating all Company QHSE policies and other information to all rig personnel.
? Play an active part in the weekly meetings and all other Company safety management systems.
? Ensure that a high standard of hygiene and housekeeping is maintained onboard the rig.
? Perform planned maintenance of lifesaving, firefighting and other marine equipment.
Maintenance, Repair and Troubleshooting
? Ensure that the DP system is repaired and pre-tested between well locations and is in 100%
operational condition prior to arriving on location.
? Consults with rig management, if outside technical experts or specialists are required.
? Prepares and/or initiates maintenance requirements for the DP system and its associated
equipment as necessary with rig management.
? Ensures that adequate spare parts are available to service the DP system and its associated
equipment and that spare parts requiring special handling are properly stored to prevent damage.
? Advises and recommends on minimum/maximum spare parts and stock levels for the DP system
and associated equipment and assists the Materials Coordinator and/or Shore based Materials
Supervisor as necessary in ordering replacement parts.
? Works with and assists various groups of key supervisory personnel on the rig.
? Maintains a daily DP system logbook and prepares a weekly report concerning pertinent station
keeping activities or any other activities applicable to maintaining the unit's position as well as
special reports when warranted or requested by management.
? Maintains up-to-date records of the DP system equipment, performance, changes, additions,
replacements, maintenance schedules, etc. and evaluates this information to improve operational
efficiency and minimize downtime.
? Upkeep and use of dedicated check lists and accuracy.
? Administrative tasks are completed timely and accurately.