Company: Atlas Professionals
Skills: Mechanical Technician
Experience: 1 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Louisiana, USA, LA, US

Operating the system
The Junior Operator is responsible for safely transferring personnel. He operates the system according to company procedures and connects the gangway to an offshore structure in the correct manner. He acts correctly during all emergency scenarios. He is responsible for filling in the DPR.

System maintenance
The Junior Operator is to perform daily pre-start checks and weekly maintenance checks according to company procedures.

Operational trouble shooting
The Junior Operator reports to the OCC when an alarm code occurs and explains the issue. He follows instructions from the OCC to solve issues.

Administration & documentation
The Junior Operator is responsible for keeping himself updated with the latest company- and project related information. The Junior Operator is responsible for keeping his certification updated. He is familiar with safety programs and submits a report after identifying an unsafe situation. He submits a feedback report after each shift and is responsible for collecting feedback forms about his own performance. He submits timesheets on weekly basis for internal hour registration.

Additional tasks
The Junior Operator is to perform additional tasks related to his role, including but not limited to: assisting with mobilizations or demobilizations and assisting with maintenance/production activities on location.