Company: Saudi Aramco (ASC)
Skills: Geophysicist, Surveying
Experience: 6 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Saudi Arabia

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Job Purpose

Saudi Aramco is seeking a Senior Hydrographer to work within the Geomatics Services Division.

The employee would be responsible to oversee the collection, processing and delivery of hydrographic/oceanographic data and General Visual Inspection conducted for nautical and engineering products on his team and reports findings to the Party Chief.

As the successful candidate you will be working on cartography and chart construction, terrestrial and satellite geodesy, navigation, seamanship, physical oceanography, international maritime boundaries, dredged volume computations, ROV mechanics and operation, fire-fighting, survival and safety at sea.


  • Conducts/leads hydrographic surveys which include bathymetric surveys, pipeline routes, navigation channel, as-built of pipeline and offshore structures, buoy laying for rig moves, sonar sweeps for location of pipelines or under-water obstructions, and sub-bottom profiling.
  • Must operate survey equipment and systems including, but not limited to the following: Side Scan Sonar, Multibeam, Positioning, Seismic, USBL, Sound Velocity and Seabed Sampling Equipment used on survey vessels the offshore concession area with minor assistance from senior personnel.
  • Conducts/reports oceanographic field investigations requiring use of sophisticated electronic sensors for measuring tides, temperature and salinity in marine environment. Perform as Surveyor-In-Charge for detached survey operation on small boat and Vessel-Of-Opportunity (VOO)
  • Prepare the various hydrographic/oceanographic data set impacting the offshore survey, including historical information.
  • Anticipate the request of resources and restriction related to the survey operation and inform them to the responsible Party Chief.
  • Oversees data processing for all hydrographic/oceanographic data on the team
  • Perform the setting-up and calibration of the survey system.
  • Conduct quality control over the processed data from all hydrographic survey operations, as well as prepare and review the survey report in his team.
  • Lead the hydrographic/oceanographic data collection, processing and delivery for detached survey team and Lead the team for General Visual Inspection when organized in shifts.
  • Participate in positioning of a vessel under the request of Rig move masters
  • Evaluate the survey system and improvements when required by the Party Chief.

Education & Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in Hydrographic Surveying
  • OR Bachelor Degree in Surveying Engineering with additional diploma course in hydrography.
  • OR Bachelor Degree in Oceanography with additional diploma course in land surveying and hydrography.
  • OR Naval Academy graduate with line specialization in Navigation with additional diploma course in hydrography.

  • Minimum 6 years of hydrographic work at sea, of these at least three years surveying in offshore oil fields, including pipe and cable laying and platform installations.


Professional Certification:
  • Certified Hydrographer by American Congress on Surveying and Mapping
  • OR Professional Associate of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor
  • OR degree / certification / diploma from course with IHO category "A" recognition.

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