Company: Global Energy Ventures
Skills: Crane Operator, Mechanic
Other Skills: Crane Mechanic Operator
Experience: 1 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Onshore/Offshore West Africa

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Located in region: Europe

Primary Duties

• Operate ASSET pedestal crane(s) or mobile crane as required to facilitate efficient operations

• Carrying out daily/pre-operation checks of all lifting equipment as per the maintenance program scheduling

• Ensuring all operations have been suitably risk assessed and toolbox talks held as appropriate

• Liaise with all offshore departments and deck crew to plan all lifting operations

• Perform all planned maintenance activities as per the SAP CMMS maintenance plan provided by supervisors. All lifting equipment shall be thoroughly examined at intervals in line with Client requirements

• Supervise maintenance activities and personnel for all other maintenance and repair activities on the FPSO and offshore platform

• Perform minor breakdown repairs and liaise with Site Lifting Competent engineer and Contract Support engineer to ensure availability of necessary tools, equipment, and consumables to perform the repair

• Raise necessary work orders for remedial works resulting from the planned maintenance routines or inspections

• Ensure all necessary spares requested are available on the ASSET to implement upcoming routines

• Control maintenance schedules, data, and history via the Maintenance Management System (SAP)

• Ensure valid equipment history is input and maintained in the COMPANY Maintenance Management System (SAP) following maintenance and modification activity

• Support Equipment OEM to perform detailed examinations of all lifting equipment

• Support Client Site lifting coordinator or engineer for cargo movement

• Will be expected to work reasonable overtime or shifts to meet urgent business requirements, peak workloads, and abnormal level of absence or temporary staff shortages

Decision Making Authority

• Decision limited to the scope of project specifications shall be consulted with supervisor on key decisions that will impact cost or project scope

• Have good HSE knowledge and able to recognise unsafe working practices or conditions and take steps to rectify them

• Plans and executes own work program and sets goals accordingly

Competencies/Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Following Courses are completed: • Instructor-led Banksman and Slinger training • Instructor-led initial Offshore Crane Operator (stage 1) training • Instructor-led initial Onshore Crane Operator (stage 1) training

Following Courses are desirable: • Instructor-led initial Forklift Truck Operator (stage 1) training • Instructor-led Powered Lifting Equipment Operator training

General Knowledge Elements

• Applicable national legislation, technical standards, and industry guidelines

• Understanding of potential hazards and risk assessment as well as principles of operation and operating techniques • Lift categorization and planning awareness

• Working environment, operational area, and environmental conditions

• Permit to Work system, co-ordination, and control of Lifting Operations

• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

• Personnel roles and responsibilities, communications

• Knowledge on types of cranes, basic construction, main components, and terminology

• Crane stability, configurations, and load handling capabilities

• Understanding power sources, controls, and instruments

• Understanding static and dynamic forces, Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI), load charts and range diagrams

• Knowledge and awareness safety devices, spooling and reeving

• Knowledge of recording devices and the management of records

• Certification

• Knowledge and understanding of pre-start inspection, start-up procedures and pre[1]operational checks, shutdown procedure, and emergency actions

• Crane Storage

• Handling attachments

• Blind and tandem lifts

• Man-riding / Personnel transfer

• Periodic thorough examination and testing

• Maintenance


General Practical Elements

• Pre-use inspections, mounting and dismounting, stacking and de-stacking loads

• Maneuvering a loaded truck in a restricted space, driving positions, operating truck

• Crane set up and configuration

• Ground bearing capacity and pressure

• Pre-start checks, start-up procedures and pre-operational checks

• Use of controls

• Shutdown

• Co-ordination and control

• Carry out a trial lift, travel and land the load safely

• Responding to signals and instructions

Physical Effort and Work Environment

Duties performed at site with generally harsh climatic conditions.

Minimum Job Requirement

• Competency Level: o Stage 3 Operator (e.g., Sparrow, EnerMech) or Norwegian G5 Operator)

o ECITB Level 2 Lifting and Slinging Engineering or EAL Certificate of Competency level 2+ B

o License of operate onshore in Senegal and Mauritania is required o CITB Forklift Operator

• Experience of operations in the oil and gas sector

• Knowledge and awareness of Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER: Safe Use of Lifting Equipment Approved Code of Practice L113)

• Knowledge and awareness of BP Lifting procedure 100572 and handbook

• Experience working in BP projects is desirable

• Experience of operating pedestal cranes ranging from 5T-35T is required

• Equipment knowledge for Melcal SL1200 (Electric powered with ram luffing box boom) Pedestal cranes and Liebherr Pedestal Cranes (Electric powered with ram luffing knuckle boom) required

• Experience of crane operator on FPSO and / or offshore platform required

• Experience of operating and servicing mobile, portable and fixed cranes is required

• Licensed Offshore Crane Operator

• Can demonstrate deep understanding of mechanical requirements with own underpinning knowledge • Experienced in offshore crane maintenance

• Competent at rigging and slinging • Proven analytical and problem-solving skills

• Work to the highest personal standards and achieve set objectives.

• Show commitment to the team ethics by coaching and/or training sub-contract personnel as directed by line supervisor or client

• Experience in working in an integrated team in diverse locations

• Demonstrate a positive attitude and willingness to work to client charter values

• Flexible to provide onshore support when required


Start date - Q1/2023

Work will be located in West Africa