Company: Saudi Aramco (ASC)
Skills: HR - Trainer / Instructor
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Masters Degree
Location: Saudi Arabia

Position Description:

Education Specialist in the Digital Wellbeing Program will develop an educational strategy plan that will increase public awareness on the issues of digital wellbeing. The specialist will also research and evaluate the effectiveness of digital wellbeing educational material available around the globe. He/she will also be responsible to develops and test curricula, prepares relevant presentations and materials, organizes and delivers and/or facilitates classes, workshops, seminars, other training services, and train the trainers.

Minimum Requirements:

A successful candidate will hold a Master's degree in Education, Urban Education, Instructional Technology, Educational Psychology, or other relevant fields from a recognized and approved program.

The candidate shall have a minimum of 10 years of experience in planning and developing education strategies, developing universities or school curricula, prepare workshop and seminar materials, develop other training services, and develop a program to train the trainers.

The candidate shall be able to demonstrate high experience in educational activities in his experiences, and should be able to share previously developed programs and materials.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Provide leadership and strategic direction and roadmap to develop educational materials for different public segments that will increase the awareness of the digital wellbeing issues, and reveal tech companies' practices.
Research, evaluate and design potential knowledge and education partnerships for the Digital Wellbeing Program including NGOs, Ministries, Universities ... etc.
Research, test and evaluate existing Digital Wellbeing courses and materials around the globe.
Evaluate existing children Digital Wellbeing curriculums globally, and help in deploying most effective programs.
With the help of the research team, develop imbedded design ethics program for computer science schools that will help students in following ethical designs when developing solutions.
Facilitate and deliver group workshops, seminars, classes, courses, and sessions that will increase public awareness and knowledge of digital wellbeing issues, and how to overcome them.
Work closely with the research team to incorporate research finding the building educational material.

About Us:

Saudi Aramco's Industrial Relations (IR) Business line is dedicated to building, maintaining and enhancing the relationships the Company develops with people and institutions inside the Kingdom and around the world. It is through the IR business line that the Company cares for the health, wellbeing and security of its employees and their families, maintains the high quality of life found in Company communities, operates the school system for the children of expatriate employees, and communicates with various audiences through a variety of media, including print publications, events, films and websites. Saudi Aramco operates one of the largest and most successful industrial and professional training programs on the planet to ensure that its employees are provided with the training they need to meet emerging challenges. The Company's wide-ranging corporate citizenship activities, which focus on the areas of environmental protection, knowledge, community and the economy, are also the responsibility of the IR business line.

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