Skills: Driller, OIM, Toolpusher
Experience: 2 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Salary: Competitive
Location: Singapore, Singapore

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: Australia


Qualifications & Certifications


  • IWCF Well control - Level 4 (Supervisor)
  • OIM License for OIM position
  • Secondary School Level Education Or recognized Experience/Training Certificate
  • Supervisory management
  • Valid BOSIET Certificate
  • Valid OGUK Medical Certificate





  • Preferably 5 years of experience in OIM position for OIM position
  • Preferably 5 years of experience in Tourpusher position for Tourpusher position
  • Preferably 5 years of experience in Driller position for Driller position


Skill / Attributes / Competencies


  • High level of verbal and written communication in English.
  • Ability to access and work at heights up to 60 metres
  • The Tourpusher are required to work on day or night shift.
  • Be at a level of fitness so can carry out various duties including use of SCBA, walk throughout multi-level areas of tender and DES and lifeboat operator
  • Maintain BMI levels as per Company & Client's requirements
  • The incumbent is expected to be mobile to cover similar roles within the fleet
  • Meet the training requirements as per company's training matrix
  • Ability to competently and safely perform duties defined in the job description
  • Preferably extensive experience in Oil & Gas drilling operations
  • Major emergency management with OIM controlling emergencies competence
  • Accident/incident investigation
  • Computer and IT literacy




Main Responsibilities



The Tourpusher is the designated "person in charge" of the drilling department and reports to the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM). He is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of persons on or about the installation. He works closely in conjunction with the representative of the operating company regarding the actual drilling of the well where he supervises and coordinate activities of personnel engaged in drilling and related activities.

The Driller is the designated "person in charge" of real time drilling operations ensuring the safety of the drill crew and support personnel working around the drill floor. This includes monitoring of the rig's activity, running of the brake and drills the well. He is also responsible for interpreting the signals the well gives regarding gas and fluids with high pressure, gas levels coming out of the hole, amount of drilling mud is going in, and other information. In an emergency the Driller will be responsible for taking the correct counter measures to stop an uncontrolled well control situation from emerging.


Minimum Job Functions

Includes, but is not limited to and not in order of priority:

  • Supervise drilling operations, maintenance and other related activities on the installation ensuring that such operations are carried out efficiently and in compliance with Company operating procedures and Company Safety Policy.
  • Supervise Offline drilling operations, maintenance and other related activities on the installation ensuring that such operations are carried out safely, efficiently and in compliance with Clients operating procedures and SKD rig management systems.
  • Ensures the strict adherence of the Company Safety Management System, that is, compliance with legislation, company policies, standards, procedures and monitoring compliance by personnelPromotes and maintains a safe environment for all personnel, ensuring on-going development and training of employees plus ensure that their competency levels not only meet current requirement, but also improves to meet next higher levels.
  • Provide strong and consistent safety leadership and direction to team members.
  • Plan and coordinate daily drilling operations in collaboration with OIM and supervises/ directs daily operational activities to efficiently execute the assigned drilling program in full coordination with the Customer Representative.
  • Ensure that all tasks undertaken within their area of responsibility are assessed to identify any hazard that may cause harm or damage. Communicate details of the risk assessment to the work team, allocating individual responsibilities for tasks and control measures.
  • Provide advice and guidance to Drillers on all operational matters as may be required.
  • Carry out all planned maintenance on drilling equipment under Tourpushers control and coordinate these activities with the Maintenance Team to ensure that pertinent records are correctly filled in and maintained.
  • Maintain required records in accordance with corporate, regulatory and certification agencies' requirements including HSE and equipment in area of responsibility. Ensure adequate recording and reporting of all problem events including accidents/incidents.
  • Take immediate action to contain, eliminate and guard against any actual or potential hazards to safety, health, equipment and the environment.
  • Direct rig-up, rig-down, dismantling and/or moving of rig and auxiliary equipment, and supervise Driller and drilling crews in setting up and operating equipment in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Ensure that the rig floor is equipped with all necessary tools, equipment, and supplies related to the drilling process.
  • Responsible for coordinating services with third party companies involved with the drilling and completion of the well.
  • Stand-in for OIM for short periods of time as required
  • Ensure good housekeeping and safe working conditions are maintained on the rig.
  • Responsible for the performance management of the personnel under their authority to ensure standards of behaviour and performance expected by the Company.
  • Ensure that all lifting operations are carried out in accordance with Company lifting operations procedures.
  • Ensure that planned safety inspections and audits on the installation are carried out in accordance with Company Safety Policy by themselves and those under their authority.
  • Supervise and record maintenance, repair or replacement tasks in accordance with Company's Planned Preventative Maintenance system.
  • Ensure that all remedial work identified by planned inspections, incident investigations and by any other means is completed satisfactorily.
  • Become competent in their particular discipline and ensure their crew personnel work towards competency for their own positions to support career development.
  • Carry out Trip Assessment at the appropriate time for both new and existing staff.




  • Lead safety by example for all employees to follow
  • Promotes safety awareness and safe work practice among all the personnel on board
  • Implement and lead company and operator safety programs and initiatives
  • Leading participation in and compliance with the Permit to Work system
  • Conduct pre-tour and pre-job safety meetings in compliance with the company requirements (which includes use of the 4-Point check / Energy Wheel and TBRA tools), ensuring that crews have participated fully in discussions, have determined the safest method to complete the task and have a full understanding of the work to be performed (especially their individual role)
  • Report all hazards and positively intervene in all observed unsafe acts (Stop Work Authority)
  • Participate in emergency drills, including post-drill debriefs
  • Attend General Safety Meetings
  • Carry out all work activities within the guidelines of Company or Operator Policies or Procedures
  • Manages emergencies and to direct the training and emergency drills of all personnel aboard to ensure readiness for emergencies in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Instruct his crews in the safest work methods and provide On-the-Job training
  • Ensuring he is familiar with any delegated responsibilities as detailed in the Operators Emergency Response Plan
  • Ensure that they and the persons under their authority properly use and care for their personal protective equipment
  • Ensure that all work areas for personnel are always, so far as reasonably practical, safe and clean.