Company: WTS Energy
Skills: Chemist
Experience: 20 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Job Description

WTS Energy is seeing to hire Chief Scientist (Chemist) for one of its client who is a reputed Refinery company.

Locaiton: United Arab Emirates

Position Overview:

•To direct, coordinate and control the Refinery Laboratory's activities so that accurate and timely data are provided safely to 1) assure the Company and its customers of the quality of Company's products 2) to enable the Refinery process units to be controlled optimally so as to obtain the maximum proportion of high-valued product during the refining and blending processes 3) and to protect the Company's investment in Laboratory staff, analysers and physical plant.

Main responsibilities include the following:

•Overall coordination and direction of the various Laboratory (Lab) Groups to ensure the safe, efficient operation of these groups and the proper up-keep of the Laboratory facilities

•Prepares the Lab budget estimates and defends as necessary, to ensure that the Lab has sufficient resources, in terms of manpower, test equipment and consumables to fulfill its testing/certification remit

•Ensure proactive safety culture is instilled in the Refinery Lab to assure the safety of the staff and Company assets

•Chair the Lab Safety Meetings and ensure that staff comply with Company's Environmental Policy and Fire, Health and Safety Standards

•Review purchase requisitions, engineering requests and overtime usage to ensure the items are justified and hence to control Lab expenditure

•Plan and coordinate the recruitment and training/development of Lab staff, on an on-going basis to ensure adequate manpower of the required quality are available to handler Lab testing needs both at present and in the future

•Direct and control the Lab's participation as part of Plan, Do, Check Act process, to assure the quality of data generated by the Lab

•Direct and control the Lab's calibration/standardization process to ensure that the Lab's anaylsers are fit for purpose and available for use

•Advise on the acquisition of new and replacement analysers to ensure the continued Lab capability to provide test data

•Authorize and issue appropriate work permit regimes to ensure the safe and timely conduct of remedial and maintenance operations


•BSc degree or equivalent in Chemistry and have a minimum of 20 years' experience in an established petroleum refinery laboratory operating a certificated quality system

•5 years' experience in managing a Lab

•Extensive and comprehensive knowledge of petroleum testing methods for crude oil, refinery process streams and waters and a full range of finished petroleum products is essential

•Awareness of the protocols to be followed in the development of product specifications

•Demonstrate initiative and drive and the ability to troubleshoot testing and analytical problems and have a proven track record in test method evaluation and development

•Knowledge and experience of environmental, fire, health and safety protocols

•High level of numeracy and statistical expertise is required

•Computer literate and conversant with the use of lab information systems

•Able to communicate effectively at all levels, possess good inter-personal skills and be able to direct and motivate a multi-function team within the Lab