Company: BP
Skills: Architect
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Sunbury-on-Thames, England, United Kingdom

Your Accountabilities:

  • Team: Our culture is exploring, thinking, and doing, and you will live this every single day, managing and developing a team of domain architects who design, build, and govern connectivity products for our digital businesses! You will define network automation standards and deliver the framework by which teams automate and integrate connectivity services.
  • Architecture: Like most large enterprises, some elements of our platform portfolio contain the most sophisticated technologies readily available, while others are legacy. Whether its retail stores, offshore platforms, backbones point of presence, or trading floors, you will develop the vision and service strategies, reference architectures, and integrated roadmaps that will enable us to evolve and innovate the connectivity portfolio.
  • Relationships: You will understand the business drivers, challenges and emerging use cases that will influence our strategy and trigger change in network products and capabilities. You will continuously scan the external market for relevant technologies, and you will recommend and introduce those technologies at scale and with pace. You do this by forming relationships both inside and outside of BP.
  • Technology: You have a passion for learning and leading by example, and enjoy architecting, designing, and building automated and virtualized communication networks. You possess broad knowledge of network and security products, solutions and vendors and an ability to rapidly assess new technologies with a commercial and operational perspective.
  • Safety and Compliance: Safety of our people and our customers is our highest priority. You will advocate and help ensure our architectures, designs and processes enhance a culture of operational safety and improve our digital security.

Crucial Experience:

  • Proven background in delivering multi-vendor, multi-product services that utilize routing, switching, optimization, security, and virtualization on a global scale in the data center, in the cloud and at the edge. In-depth understanding of legacy and modern networking infrastructure, protocols, topologies, transport technologies and are experienced in leading teams that architect solutions for large enterprises. You love envisaging the art of the possible and making that a reality.
  • Functional knowledge of the leading technology providers and their networking products including Cisco, VMware, Aruba Networks, zScaler, and Microsoft with a solid grasp of the security practices and solutions and understand the security considerations and challenges inherent to evolving large scale distributed networks.
  • In depth and current knowledge of cloud service provider networking and security capabilities, specifically Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure and have architected cloud and on-premise services using those products.
  • Working knowledge in IPv6, Cellular networks including LTE/5G, Medium earth orbit satellite, low earth orbit, and LORAWAN.
  • A proven grasp of architecture development and design thinking in an agile environment. You adapt techniques to drive meaningful product experiences and agile governance.


  • A first degree from a recognized institute of higher learning, ideally computer science, information science, or engineering based.
  • Exposure to adjacent technology domains such as edge computing, and cyber-security.
  • Powerful interpersonal skills including the ability to relate sophisticated topics in simple and accessible language.

Equal Opportunity

BP strongly believes in the value of bringing your whole-self to our organization. While we cannot offer Visa sponsorship, we commit to equal opportunity regardless of race, religion, creed, disability, or sexual orientation. Every member of the BP family commits to the BP Values and Behaviors and seeks to uphold these standards in all that we do.

About BP's Network Services Organization:

BP's IT team solves big sophisticated challenges with our data and technology expertise to help BP advance a lower carbon future. We are organized as a collection of Products, Services and Platforms teams that work together to enable our users to accomplish their missions.
In Connectivity Services, we deliver one of the largest networks in the world. Our operations span over 600 office and production sites, thousands of retail locations and operate in nearly every continent. We are a diverse team of network technologists, software developers and automation engineers committed to delivering evergreen, elastic and ubiquitous connectivity experience across some of the most diverse and ambitious environments on earth.
The Principal Architect crafts the vision, technology strategy and architecture standards for connectivity products and services globally, and plays a pivotal role in modernizing the technology and operating model, enhancing capability and automation practices within the domain while also providing leadership to the wider network technical community across major change activities, incremental enhancement, operational simplifications and optimizations.

Why you matter:

A technologist at-heart are passionate about planning and building robust networks, at scale, supporting constantly evolving business models and consumer grade services. You empower and inspire teams to deliver value, stay ahead of new technologies and integrate those technologies into a flexible and consumer centric services. The choices you make will define our architectures, standards, and solutions we will use to interconnect our people and digitize our businesses!
You believe that delivering an effective service architecture depends on a deep understanding of business need, technology, and long-range planning but with a bias for short-term action. You will operate in a dynamic and delivery focused environment, with the resources of one of the world's most forward-thinking digital departments and leading vendors at your fingertips. You are confident and comfortable working across cultures and fostering effective relationships.