Company: Competentia
Skills: Installation Engineer, Construction Superintendent, Production Operator
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Tech/Vocational Cert/Apprenticeship
Location: Houston, Texas, United States

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Located in region: North America

Job Title

SIMOPS / COMOPS Coordinator


The SIMOPS/COMOPS coordinator will ensure the routine coordination for all vessels within EPCI scope and be the point of contact for coordination of any related offshore co-activities operations under Installation Manager supervision.

The SIMOPS/COMOPS coordinator will be onshore as resident first, ideally in Houston. He will be part of Interface Offshore team. This job holder will then go in rotation onshore in-country during installation campaign and be part of Installation Operation Manager team normally in Mayotte with potential for extended missions in Mozambique.

Reporting directly to above N+1 depending on the project progress, the job holder will:

  • Receive all the Fiches de Liaison issued by vessels working in Golfinho perimeter.
  • Ensure that the Subsea SIMOPS procedure is well applied.
  • Prepare COMOPS procedure & associated dossiers.
  • Ensure, when relevant, EPCI CTR vessel/RIG work permit has been submitted.
  • Liaise with RSES-D onboard vessel to review and check the Fiches de Liaison.
  • Liaise with Field Operations entity for any required assistance associated to Fiche de liaison review
  • Coordinate with Drilling Representant, EPCI team, EPCI Contractor and Field Operations about day-to-day progress of activities.
  • Follow up with Project Controls Representant the development of the relevant clash tool & its application
  • Coordinate with Installation Vessels Leads (in Europe & Houston) to resolve co-activities
  • Coordinate with EPCI Afungi Site Rep and Port Authority any co-activities in the bay with EPCI vessels


The SIMOPS/COMOPS coordinator will be in charge:

  • To help developing and to ensure the implementation of a Marine Operations Management for SIMOPS & COMOPS activities with different stakeholders
  • To ensure that definition of Exclusion and Restricted zones are well known by all stakeholders within EPCI teams, including EPCI CTRs
  • To support the development & application of HSE TEPMA1 policy, including participation to HAZOP / HAZID and other Risk Assessments linked to SIMOPS/COMOPS activities.
  • To support Interfaces between CTRs, CPY stakeholders such as Drilling, EPCI, etc.
  • To ensure that a proper SIMOPS/COMOPS tool is developed and followed by all stakeholders in order to identify any clash between vessels that can have an impact on schedule or cost
  • To understand vessels activities and ensure that all stakeholders, including CTRs from EPCI, are aware of scheduled vessels movements and priorities
  • To participate to Coordination meeting for vessels activities and represent EPCI CPY team
  • To report to his manager any conflict or clash identified during Coordination meeting and ensure all relevant information are shared within EPCI teams
  • To support his manager in the development of mitigations & solutions to avoid co-activities or decrease the impact on EPCI schedule & scope
  • To ensure proper circulation and signature of Fiche de Liaison, SIMOPS & COMOPS dossiers between stakeholders

Context and Environment

Mozambique LNG is a subsea (1,400m) to shore dry gas field development located in the norther part of Mozambique close to the Tanzania border.

The subsea field will be developed via 18 subsea wells (7" Vertical Subsea Trees), seven four slot production manifolds with associated foundations, one MEG manifold, three 22" trunk lines (approximately 120km total length), one 6" and one 8" MEG lines (approximately 40km length each), eighteen 10" in-field flowlines (825 Alloy clad) with associated, two 4" in-field MEG lines, associated ILTs and FLETs for all pipelines and flowlines 25 control modules for trees and manifolds, fours subsea routers, four onshore umbilicals, two main tie-back umbilicals (approximately 80km total length), five in-field umbilicals, twelve UTA assemblies, one hundred and eighty nine electro hydraulic flying leads, fourty eight 10" flexible jumpers, rigid jumpers and spools (16" and 22")

The project FID was taken in July 2019 with first fuel gas planned in 2023.



The SIMOPS/COMOPS coordinator shall have:

  • Ability to get along well with others and take a pragmatic approach to problem solving situations.
  • Ability to multi-task and work as part of small and flexible team.
  • Ability to understand different challenges from different entities
  • Strong track record in offshore and subsea project delivery with a minimum of 15 years direct experience of the same.
  • Fluency in the English language.
  • Fluid communicator capable to represent the project in front of third parties and other stakeholders in a professional and organized manner
  • Desire to work offshore (marine spread) or at site as part of Company representation
  • BOSIET and OGUK medical

Qualifications/Experience Required

The SIMOPS/COMOPS coordinator shall be familiar with all aspects of offshore and subsea projects, with respect to traditional interface definition and responsibilities:

  • Knowledge of planning tools and SIMOPS/COMOPS management from previous experience
  • Experienced in the management and delivery of offshore and subsea projects, particularly projects with subsea pipeline and subsea equipment components (integrated EPCI). Past experience in deep water and subsea to shore projects is needed (10 years).
  • Familiar with equipment delivery, past project experience in Africa or other remote or isolated jurisdictions would be an advantage.
  • Experience in the associated key interface challenges linked to subsea equipment installation & pre-commissioning (trees, manifolds, subsea control systems)
  • Able to act as a problem solver with the ability to achieve outcomes where various stakeholders are involved.