Company: Saudi Aramco
Skills: Planner / Scheduler
Experience: 12 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Saudi Arabia

Position Description:
Coordinates the field activities of various disciplines in one of the units of the Environmental Protection department under the direction of the unit Supervisor, Senior Environmental Scientist, or Area Industrial Hygienist. Plans and directs studies and services as work director/team leader. Develops objectives and methodologies; reviews data collected and analyzed by the team and prepares and presents final reports and scientific papers. Responsible for the performance and evaluation of team personnel.

Minimum Requirements:
A/B. Bachelors degree from an accredited institution in engineering, physical sciences, or public health plus seven years of professional environmental or scientific related activities preferably associated with the production of oil.
OR Master degree from an accredited institution in engineering, physical sciences, or public health plus five years of experience in the environmental field (either academic or industry) or a related field. C. Ability to speak, write reports or articles in English using both scientifically correct terminology and terms acceptable at various intellectual levels. D. Must possess a valid Saudi Arabia driver's license and have passed the Saudi Aramco requirements to operate a Company vehicle.
E. Additional certification may be necessary for specific work activities such as a diving certificate for personnel working in the marine environment.

Duties & Responsibilities:
Outlines and monitors in the implementation of various activities in the areas of environmental health, industrial hygiene, marine biology, wastewater treatment, air quality, meteorology, oceanography, solid and hazardous waste disposal, aquifer monitoring, groundwater quality, handling and disposal of radioactive materials, geology, hydrology, environmental law, environmental compliance, environmental awareness, etc., to determine norms, pre-edit changes, and evaluate the impact of
changes. Directs the gathering of data, specimens and samples, classifying and cataloging, performance of tests and analysis, and maintenance and distribution of test results. Prepares, reviews or presents reports and scientific papers. Evaluates
the quality of field activities and updates the field supervising staff to the most recent standards and techniques. Provides advanced professional technical services to various Corporate Organizations, its sponsored facilities, and various Government Organizations as requested. May be required to participate in the development and administration of contracts for research activities. Requires nominal work direction from the unit supervisor in establishing new work activities and/or priorities.

Incumbents in the Marine Sciences will be required to SCUBA dive occasionally in conducting tests and studies. Daily with unit supervisors and division heads, scientists, engineers and technicians within the department for work coordination and to monitor ongoing programs. Frequently with various Corporate superintendents and contractor managers to evaluate environmental compliance and resolve relevant problems. Regularly with Aramco sponsored communities to monitor compliance. Periodically with Saudi Aramco local suppliers to maintain standards. Occasionally with senior representatives from local government, industry, or communities on issues related to the environment.

1) Supervises or coordinates intra-departmental teams to implement and monitor Corporate environmental policies and compliance. 2) Formulates the basis for environmental studies in his area of expertise Evaluates data as to scope, effect on the existing environment, economic impact, long range planning and budgetary considerations. 3) Supervises and evaluates the implementation of environmental inspections, monitoring sampling, and evaluating measurements. 4) Directs the compilation and analysis of research data in both hard copy or computerized forms. 5) Employs advanced professional and scientific methodology to identify and evaluate environmental or occupational hazards. Advises Corporate authorities and personnel on the risks of managing the hazards. Designs, implements, and monitors the effectiveness of intervention strategies. Provides educational guidance and direction to personnel involved with the hazards.
6) Designs Environmental Awareness and Education courses to promote sound environmental practices at work and in the community. Writes environmental related presentation for work-sites, community groups, as well as articles for Company publications. 7) Reviews and comments on the environmental aspects of contract documents budget briefs, design basis scoping papers, engineering designs, and project proposals. 8) Writes formal scientific reports and reviews reports written by subordinates within the Unit. May make oral presentations of reports.