Company: Methanex Egypt
Skills: Asset Management, Asset Integrity Engineer, Maintenance Manager
Other Skills: Asset Integrity Management system framework, corrosion, inspection, risk assessment
Experience: 15 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Damietta, Egypt

Position Summary:

The primary role of the Asset Integrity Lead is to ensure that all risks associated with the design and operation of the plant assets are identified and maintained at an acceptable level, in compliance with HSE policy and relevant referential documents.

In order to achieve the above, the Asset Integrity Lead will verify that critical equipment and activities are identified, and risk assessments are effectively performed. They will verify that the integrity status of plant assets is properly monitored and will provide the assurance of integrity to the Plant Manager who is the ultimate accountable person for all plant assets and people under his domain of authority.

The position includes a coordinating role due to the transverse nature of the activity. The Job holder has to liaise with Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and RC departments to provide them with all relevant asset integrity information needed to ensure that short term and long-term fitness for purpose is maintained.

They will guide the establishment of an overall Asset Integrity Management and maintain custody of the system. They will have a leading role in monitoring the measures of integrity and performance indicators and recommending remedial actions. They will recommend audits / self-audits based on pre-established protocols.


Position Responsibilities:

Asset Integrity Management

Assurance processes:

  • Propose the Asset Integrity Policy, having it endorsed by the Managing Director and Plant Manager, and communicated it to all staff. Establish all relevant standards and procedures required to formalize the key processes used by Methanex Egypt (EMX) to manage asset integrity, in compliance with referential documents.

  • Identify all Integrity Management responsibilities, ensure they are correctly allocated throughout the Asset Organization and properly documented as part of the Asset Integrity Management System.

  • Ensure job descriptions properly address asset integrity requirements. Verify that staffs are fully aware of their responsibilities associated with Asset Integrity Management and that they have adequate skill levels for the position. Verify that certification and training plans are in place where appropriate and follow-up progress through a competence assurance process. Conduct awareness sessions to local staff as required.

  • Contribute to the establishment of long-term strategic planning and short-term operational planning verifying in particular the proper coordination between operations, maintenance, and inspection.

  • Lead the Asset Integrity Review Team involving the discipline managers having a key role in asset integrity. Hold regular meetings and update meeting action log. Ensure that during these meetings criticality ratings and priorities allocated to the various integrity issues and their resolution is updated, recovery plans are in place and progressed, discipline indicators and integrity KPIs are updated.

  • Attend monthly the Manufacturing Staff Meeting, chaired by the Plant Manager. Present monthly review of EMX performance on Integrity, focusing on high level KPIs, major threats and critical action plans. Advise on trends.

  • Establish or actively contribute to the establishment of (a) management system(s) that verifies that key business processes are properly implemented, anomalies recorded and ranked as per their criticality, remedial measures are progressed until closure, thus providing a positive assurance of integrity.

  • Contribute to management of change process and follow up action plans until change approval.

  • In close liaison with all involved disciplines, establish the key measures and indicators that will allow monitoring integrity performance on a continuous basis, aligned with the guidelines set.

  • Formalize the "Integrity dashboard" composed of selected integrity measures and KPIs. Keep custody of the dashboard and ensure that data update is timely delivered by all involved disciplines. Advise on trends.

  • Participate in Incident Investigations.

  • Monitor performance of the Asset Integrity Management processes by organizing regular reviews and self-audits. Contribute to and follows up the progress of action plans.

  • Act as the focal point with Group specialists on all matters relating to Asset Integrity. Ensure the experience gained in the subsidiary is fed back to Global Functions and other Methanex Manufacturing locations as relevant.

Technical Integrity Verification:

  • Contribute to the identification of Critical Equipment of Methanex Egypt, based on guidelines from Plant management. Verify that the Critical Equipment Register is established and in place.
  • Lead the preparation of performance standards for all critical equipment of EMX on the basis of generic framework established.
  • Conduct /contribute to risk assessments associated with anomalies and incidents. Advise on integrity threats. Ensure that equipment criticality set in the various risk-based processes (RBI, RCM, CE Register) is updated. Verify that solutions adopted locally are aligned with intentions and company guidelines.
  • Assist all disciplines for the establishment of verification programs ensuring key integrity processes are in place and work effectively, such as corrosion control, chemicals and materials procurement, structural weight control, lifting certification, FPSO classification, management of excursions from operating envelopes, management of backlogs, management of safety barriers, etc.

Context and Environment:

  • Adopting the proper scheme and strategy for implementing an improved management of Integrity in EMX is a challenging issue as there is a permanent and prominent concern to minimize the impact on operational disciplines.
  • The job holder must therefore exert a sensible sense of judgment to recommend / validate solutions suited to the local environment and business constraints, without compromising on the major requirements of asset integrity. Working on successive building blocks, demonstrating localized benefits, and working from simple to complex will be preferred strategies.
  • Asset Integrity Management is an overarching / transverse function, dealing with a large number of activities and disciplines having already their own approaches and practices. Developing good collaborative spirit with all stakeholders, demonstrating clear long-term vision, and showing a good degree of conviction are therefore essential to success.
  • The position holds a wide spectrum of activities and requires extended and solid experience in various disciplines in order to ensure adherence of staff to the objectives.


  • Accountability is mainly associated to the soundness of the solutions and recommendations proposed as the job holder has no direct operational responsibility.
  • However, the responsibility is largely involved in the coordination function and the development of management systems.
  • The job holder is responsible for delivering an accurate and reliable status of Asset Integrity to the Plant Manager and timely warning of issues that can potentially impact on HSE or facilities availability.
  • The role is instrumental in the expected promotion of an improved "Asset Integrity Culture" at the site.
  • The job holder is responsible for planning and conducting self-audits and managing follow-up of remedial plans with stakeholders.


  • Demonstrate effective leadership and partnerships with Site Management Team to enhance operational excellence of the plant.
  • Lead in a collaborative and influential manner which motivates people to get on board with the direction and guidance they are providing.

Responsible Care

  • Conduct all business in a manner that is aligned with global procedures and guidelines.
  • Ensure compliance with OSHA, PSM, Responsible Care, and ISO requirements.
  • Apply engineering standards, specifications, and processes that comply with Methanex policies, procedures, and regulatory requirements.


  • Support Methanex global engineering, technology, and project initiatives.
  • Work collaboratively with the Operations and Maintenance Departments to continuously improve plant competitive position in the Methanol industry.


Position Qualifications:

  • Experience/knowledge
    • 15 years' experience in Oil & Gas Operations including Asset Integrity experience
    • Knowledge in all following areas and proficient in at least 3: corrosion and other degradation mechanisms, asset integrity management system framework, maintenance, inspection, process, production, design engineering, risk assessment and quality.
    • Minimum 5 years' experience in a management position in Oil and Gas operations is a plus.
    • Demonstrated leadership skills in leading asset integrity management teams, and reporting integrity status / performance to senior management, this includes the ability to lead through influence.
    • Relevant Inspector/Technologist/Specialist/other certifications awarded by API, ASME, AWS, ASNT, NACE, etc.
  • Education/Training
    • B.Sc. Engineering Degree (Preferably in Materials or Metallurgical, though other Engineering degrees will be considered)
    • M.S. Engineering Degree is a plus
  • Skills/other requirements
    • Fluent in English and industry language.
    • Proficient with usual business suites (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access databases).
    • Conversant with Maximo.