Company: Petroplan
Skills: Refinery / Plant Operations Supervisor
Experience: 20 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Kurdistan

Plant Manager:


Operations, Maintenance & Facility Management
  • Manages day-to-day activities of plant/pipeline/well production, maintenance and operation. Ensures that all facilities are maintained to the required standard based on long-term and short-term plans. Ensures preventative maintenance and repairs of all equipment to minimize downtime.
  • Reviews and approves production-related expenditures and capital requests. Maintains authority over plant operations budget and schedule.
  • Develops and maintains procedures to ensure all work is carried out safely adhering to best international oilfield practices and in compliance with the company's policies.
  • Recommends and supervises methods of safely increasing production within the budget and operational constraints.
  • Oversees field maintenance to ensure the safe execution of all operations and that they follow oilfield best practices.
  • Supervises and directs maintenance technical activities (e.g. job scheduling & rotation) troubleshooting and provides technical advice when needed.

Budget Plans and Control
  • Prepares the budget plan and monitors the actual expenses against the approved budget. Creates budget and controls budget for plant/pipeline/well operations-related activities.

Health, Safety and Environment
  • Ensures that all plant/pipeline/well safety guidelines and regulations are followed, and environmental conditions are maintained within acceptable norms and standards.
  • Ensure that plant/pipeline/well operations health and safety requirements are being met by supporting and participating in regular health and safety meetings/seminars.
  • Provides demonstrable HSSE leadership to field personnel and fulfils responsibilities as per the company's HSSE policies and related policies/communications.
  • Manpower Planning
  • Ensures the right number of qualified staff are in place to maintain the continuity of plant/pipeline/well operations and takes appropriate development action to meet the long-term needs of the plant.

Continuous Improvement of Position
  • Develops and recommends corrective changes which may be required for the improvement /enhancement of plant/pipeline/well operations to increase production in line with the company's growth plan.
  • Keeps abreast with contemporary oil field practices by providing technical consultation on operational and maintenance issues.

Minimum Educational, Technical Qualifications/Certifications Required
  • Bachelor's degree in chemical engineering, Petroleum Engineering (Western education preferred)

Minimum Professional Experience Required
  • Minimum 20 years' experience in hydrocarbon processing design and operations with minimum 10 years' experience in Manager-level position in the Oil & Gas industry

Petroplan Today - Our Vision & Mission

Our core aim now, and since 1976, has been, and is, to provide exceptional talent solutions to the energy industry. This means delivering the right solutions to our business partners
  • through specialist knowledge and tenacity,
  • By creating strong business partnerships with our clients, contractors, candidates and suppliers, so that we can really understand their needs and truly assist,
  • Through our dedicated expertise, focused only on the Energy sector
  • By staying at the centre of the worldwide community for all those, we do business with.

Bringing over 44 years' experience, providing experts and professionals into roles across the energy sector from Engineering, Exploration and Production, O&M projects to Corporate & Commercial, over 55 countries, 550 clients and 65 disciplines, our experience, specialist industry and technical knowledge makes our team true experts.

Remaining niche to the Oil and Gas and, latterly, Renewables sectors, we can provide in-depth workforce solutions, via delivery from our global sector teams focused on Oil and Gas, Technology, Renewable Energy, Commercial and Executive/C-suite. To this end, we believe we can offer the full breadth of bespoke solutions and services based on all our clients' needs.