Company: Beta Offshore/Amplify Energy
Skills: Well Control, Well Intervention, Well Servicing & Testing
Experience: 2 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Long Beach, California, United States

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: US

Monitors, operates, and adjusts the producing, injection and disposal wells on Platform Ellen in a safe and environmentally sound manner in compliance with established policies, procedures and regulations. Utilize computer and manual monitoring of wells, well safety /shutdown hydraulic systems, flow lines, gas system, sewage system, chemicals injection systems and the Drilling Rig motor pack including air compressors and emergency generator.   Operator must be able to do all paperwork and testing required by the BSEE of the Department of Interior and the US Coast Guard (for fuel transfers). Maintain a daily log and take daily readings on wells and other equipment as required. Must understand and be able to respond to all emergency situations in the Well Bay.  Work at the direction of the Control Room Operator.

Essential Functions:

1.  Monitoring the producing and injection well operation systems utilizing support equipment ensuring that all systems are functioning in compliance with established procedures and regulations from the agencies responsible for us including the BSEE of the US Dept. of Interior, the US Dept. of Transportation for the pipeline to shore and the US Coast Guard.     

2.  Identifying and evaluating the wells for malfunctions and taking steps necessary to correct problems by adjustments, flushing, or writing work orders for repair.  Steps may include making rate adjustments via well "chokes", notifying the Production Supervisor of problems, or immediately shutting in a well to ensure no harm or accident results as an effect of the malfunction. Interface with and facilitate the work of the Rig Crew during well work over and drilling operations.

3.  Performing daily systems inspections to ensure optimal well production and injection. Also performing daily environmental inspections, fire and ventilation checks, daily readings of instruments on all operating systems and standby systems.

4.  Controlling activities to include responding to alarms and site emergencies. Maintaining responsibility for determining area of alarm and keep in Assists in maintaining accountability for employees and actions during emergency situations.

5.  Reviews daily activities and compiles data relating to operational activities and reports.  Maintains accurate account of all activities in the Operator's logbook to ensure that all events are properly documented and maintained.

6.  Responsible for completing all training requirements including Computer Based Training as well as field training and participating in emergency response tasks as requested.  Must be able to walk to and enter the escape life boat in an emergency.

7.  Responsible for maintaining the safety of themselves and others by adhering to all written and verbal instructions, promptly reporting and/or correcting all hazards or unsafe conditions, questioning nonstandard operations or environmental factors that may involve unmitigated hazards, and providing feedback to site leads and management on all safety issues. Understand and follow all regulatory agency rules and regulations pertaining to the offshore platforms. 


Knowledge, Skill and Experience:

1.           Minimum Education (or substitute experience) required:

              High school diploma or equivalent.

2.           Minimum Experience required:

              One year offshore oil platform experience with Amplify Energy or 2 years experience as a Wellbay Operator on another offshore oil platform.

3.           Skills Required:

              Knowledge of production and injection well components such as well heads, Electrical Submersible pumps, Hydraulic pumps, and producing well testing techniques.  •Understand operations associated with an offshore platform. Ability to use, read and interpret various instruments used in the petroleum industry.  •Proficient in MS Excel, Word, Excel and Access as well as well monitoring software.    •Must possess good documentation practices of daily operations.