Company: JC2 Talent Solutions
Skills: Offshore Position Surveying, Shipyard, Supply & Distribution
Experience: 2 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Part Time Contractor
Salary: Daily Pay rate
Location: Seabrook, Texas, United States

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: US

We are looking for numerous contract positions for people that are detail, quality-oriented customer service professionals that have project management skills to work within the maritime industry.


These people will need to have the ability to represent their client's best interests from the field and onboard shipping vessels while utilizing strong planning and problem-solving skills with a strong attention to detail.


The people needed for these roles will be representing our client, for their clients in the maritime and petroleum industries. This company is looking for individuals that will have the ability to provide quality representation for their petroleum traders, blenders, operators and schedulers.


This company's services include the planning, the coordination and vessel attendance to ensure accuracy during the transfer of petroleum cargos to and from tanker vessels.


Some of the project management skills will include: confirming plans are understood by all parties, during all stages, particularly after staff/shift changes to assure project stays on course

and provide advance notice to other parties to insure their timely participation in operations.

Create and maintain a current project schedule with estimated times of completion for each phase and collect and file required documents, and keep worksheets and tools current in near real time. Adhere to company standards and naming conventions. Expedite internal project closeout process.

Actively monitor and evaluate operations, and performance by other parties, in real time, and in the event of unexpected results, expedite the collection of facts to accurately assess the situation. Utilize sound judgment to either implement a solution, halt operations, or seek counsel.


For Loss Control, you will need to verify accuracy of line displacements, gauging and sampling and visually check sample quality.

This person will also prepare vessel cargo distribution plans to ensure cargo is distributed accurately to each vessel tank, and that the overall loading is compliant with the vessel and voyage requirements and limitations. You must also be able to ensure that the vessel crew understands the plan, and their responsibilities during its execution.

Loss Control positions will cover all aspects of voyage loss, inventory control, onboard fuel blending and terminal audits for the client's petroleum products while on these projects.

For the Cargo Management/Blending services of the company, you will be responsible for tracking vessel movement and attending and participating in key meetings. You will pre-check all products available volumes at the beginning of assignments, quantify and report any shortages, overages & instances where nominated quantities may result in stops in undesired locations.

Responsibilities will include to identify, investigate and report any in-transit differences prior to commencing operations. Independently calculate, and then confirm planned stops with all relevant parties to insure consensus and a coordinated effort. Re-confirm stops with all parties prior to reaching them. Also, independently calculate planned and actual product volumes, converting between units of measurement and between observed and net volumes, while accurately compensating for line adjustments, VEF, and other factors as necessary.

You will need to verify accuracy of line displacements, gauging and sampling and visually check sample quality.

And you will always need to investigate and report apparent differences and provide explanations for suspected causes.

**There is the possibility of some projects internationally at a later date, so the ability and desire to work on these projects would be a plus**


Other bullet points for this role are as follows:

  • Maintain Active TWIC, valid Driver's License, Reliable Transportation and continuous Internet Service.
  • Currently authorized for extended work in the United States (Citizen or Permanent Resident).
  • Acceptance of the schedule inherent to the maritime/petroleum industry (frequent changes, delays, extended hours, nights, weekends & holidays). Some travel required.
  • Extraordinary attention to detail, accuracy & timeliness. Able to be held to high standards and perform at that level.
  • Self-motivated, requiring minimal supervision. Inherent desire to exceed expectations
  • Excellent analytical & problem-solving skills to investigate issues, assess complex variables, identify source causes and offer solutions.
  • Strong written & verbal communication. Skilled at authoring professional & informative, yet concise emails. Fluent English. Able to effectively communicate with non-native English-speaking vessel crews
  • Strong Computer, Software & Smart Phone Proficiency. Apple Mac OS & iOS preferred
  • Successful passing of pre-employment drug testing and physical exam
  • Able to climb ladders, stairs & vessel gangways. Able to effectively see and maneuver under / over / through or around obstacles present on vessels and in terminals, including stairs, deck/wall/ceiling protrusions, low clearance areas and low traction areas, frequently in low light environments