Company: Halliburton
Skills: Mud Engineer / Drilling Fluids
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Brazil

Banco de Vagas

Procuramos as pessoas certas - pessoas que queiram inovar, realizar, crescer e liderar. Atraimos e retemos os melhores talentos, investindo em nossos funcionarios e capacitando-os para que se desenvolvam e desenvolvam suas carreiras. Experimente os desafios, recompensas e oportunidades de trabalhar para um dos maiores fornecedores mundiais de produtos e servicos para a industria global de energia.
Requisitos Mandatorios:
  • Formacao em Quimica (Tecnico ou Superior) com CRQ
  • Curso de especializacao de fluidos de perfuracao/completacao
  • 02 anos de experiencia com fluidos de perfuracao em atividades on/offshore

Sob supervisao rigorosa, trabalha diretamente com os supervisores de fluidos e equipamentos e profissionais tecnicos para ganhar um melhor
compreensao das operacoes de plataformas, produtos e servicos da empresa; fluidos, tecnologias de separacao e gerenciamento de residuos. Aprende a operar,
manter e otimizar equipamentos Baroid, incluindo equipamentos de teste, separacao e gerenciamento de residuos.
Informacoes adicionais:
Remuneracao e competitiva e proporcial a experiencia.

Base Macae - Av. Pref. Aristeu Ferreira Da Silva, 1000 Novo Cavaleiros Macae, RJ

Halliburton e um empregador de oportunidades iguais. As decisoes de emprego sao tomadas independentemente de raca, cor, religiao, deficiencia, informacoes geneticas, gravidez, cidadania, estado civil, sexo / genero, preferencia / orientacao sexual, identidade de genero, idade, condicao de veterano, nacionalidade ou qualquer outra condicao protegida por lei ou regulamento. Oportunidade abrange pessoas com deficiencia (PCD).

Informaxf5es adicionais:
Remunerao competitiva e proporcial experixeancia.

Base Maca -Av. Pref. Aristeu Ferreira Da Silva, 1000 Novo Cavaleiros Macae, RJ

Halliburton um empregador de oportunidades iguais. As decisxf5es de emprego so tomadas independentemente de raa, cor, religio, deficixeancia, informaxf5es genticas, gravidez, cidadania, estado civil, sexo / gxeanero, preferxeancia / orientao sexual, identidade de gxeanero, idade, condio de veterano, nacionalidade ou qualquer outra condio protegida por lei ou regulamento. Oportunidade abrange pessoas com deficixeancia (PCD).

About Halliburton


Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world’s leading providers of products and services to the upstream energy industry.


Halliburton is proud to be a services company, and our customers and investors appreciate our business model.  Our strong competitive position not only comes from our geographic footprint and wide range of products and services, but also, more importantly, from the quality of our work and the dedication of our employees.


With approximately 55,000 employees, representing 140 nationalities in more than 80 countries, Halliburton touches much of the oil and gas that fuel our society.


Our Business


Halliburton comprises 14 product service lines (PSLs). The PSLs operate in two divisions: Drilling and Evaluation, and Completion and Production.


Our Consulting and Project Management PSL works across both divisions and is the spearhead of our integrated-services strategy. Its financial results are included in the Drilling and Evaluation Division. PSLs are primarily responsible and accountable for strategy, technology development, process development, people development and capital allocation.


Our Values


Integrity: Ethics and integrity are the foundation of our brand and the guiding principles for all we do.

Safety: Priority number one. We are focused on our own personal safety, as well as on the safety of others.

Collaboration: We work together with customers, and understand that everyone has a role in providing the best solution.

Competition: We compete to win, knowing that competition makes everyone stronger.

Creativity: We are resourceful. We are innovative, and strive to apply the right technology and solution every time.

Reliability: We deliver what we promise. We believe the quality of our service defines who we are.

Respect: We are honest with ourselves and with each other. We value our diverse skills and talents, and know we are stronger together as one family.


These values are our corporate DNA, the foundation for how we relate to each other and to every individual and entity with whom we interact. These are the principles that every Halliburton employee is expected to use, live by, and demonstrate on a daily basis.


Own Your Career


Our people are essential to our ability to innovate, achieve, grow, and lead. We attract and retain the best talent by investing in our employees and empowering them to develop themselves and their careers. We invest in our employees through leadership and competency development, competitive compensation plans, health benefits, work-life programs, and reward and incentive plans.


Opportunities for career development – and the tools you need to take advantage of them – are abundant. Combine those opportunities with your drive and capabilities, and your career path can go in nearly any direction you choose.




Halliburton ranked in the Global Top 10 in the 2019 Rigzone Ideal Employer Rankings -  find out more here.