Principal Engineer- Civil

National Petroleum Construction Company
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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20 + Years Experience

Company: National Petroleum Construction Company
Skills: Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering
Experience: 20 + Years
Education: Masters Degree
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


  • Verifies/updates and endorses select stage documents .
  • Provides input to decision support package.
  • Performs peer review
  • Prepares applicable codes and standards document.
  • Prepares engineering best practices
  • Prepares basic engineering design data specifications.
  • Prepares standard drawings
  • Prepares construction and material specifications
  • Attends workshops
  • Prepares site visit report and ensures proper information/data is collected .
  • Identifies civil scope based on other disciplines input.
  • Maintains design change records
  • Prepares EPC bid package scope including MTO within 20 percent accuracy
  • Reviews deliverables with client.
  • Advises client on clarifications issued by bidders during EPC tendering, issues tender bulletins
  • Prepares options identification/selection reports.
  • Performs change management, i.e technical query , deviation ,etc
  • Performs constructability review including precasting
  • Performs modularization studies including transportation.
  • Identifies site constraints
  • Performs and incorporates value engineering recommendations
  • Attends design review sessions
  • Performs training to client engineers
  • Performs risk register
  • Identifies yard and camp facilities
  • Prepares interface management matrix for EPC
  • Identifies required softwares for EPC .
  • Performs short listing and bid analysis for EPC bidders.
  • identifies items requires consultancy and prepares consultancy scope .also performs supervision.
  • Prepares and attends all relevant presentations and workshops.
  • Identifies FEED deliverables.
  • Identifies rely upon data.
  • Performs work to ISO requirements as well as company and client procedures.
  • Capable of supervising following technical activities performed by subordinates:
    • Design of concrete structures such as foundations for structure and equipment, tank foundations, retaining walls, pile foundation, dynamically loaded foundations such as compressors and pumps, underground pits, low-rise buildings, culverts, fences, boundary walls, sewer system, E&I trenches and underground services etc.
    • Structural evaluation of existing structures and spare capacity and mitigation measures for unfit structures and foundations.
    • Design blast resistant / resilient buildings.
    • Preparation of basis of design and construction specifications such as concrete / steel structures / earth works / grouting / protective painting etc.
    • Evaluation of geotechnical parameters and analyzing geotechnical problems including slope stability, plate bearing tests, soil replacement, underground cavities etc.
    • Performs dynamic analysis for dynamically loaded structures
    • Preparation of scope of works as well as offers bid evaluations. This covers civil construction / Topographical and Underground Detection surveying / laser survey / geotechnical investigation / transportation / steel fabrication / buildings as EPC.
    • Preparation of structural steel materials requisition with all attachments including technical bid evaluation of offers.
    • Performing site visits and detailed surveys of existing facilities.
    • Providing all necessary input to draftsmen and verifying drawings.
    • Design of gravity drainage systems.
    • Performs 3D model review.
    • Design of roads and paving.
    • Produces civil general arrangement drawings satisfying other disciplines requirements without any mismatches.
    • Performs modifications to existing facilities/brown field jobs.
    • Prepares technical procedures/best practices/lessons learnt .
    • Perform interface between software for easy transfer of 3D MODEL/ data.
    • Follows company Engineering procedures.
    • Performs SDC and IDC
    • Performing work to ISO requirements as well as company and client procedures.



  • M.S. Civil Engineering-structural engineering option from a well recognized international university
  • Strong technical background in structural analysis and design (concrete and steel), materials, and geotechnical engineering.
  • Knowledge of oil and gas industry onshore projects setup as a whole.
  • Familiar with international standards such as American, British and EUROPEAN etc.
  • Familiar with major oil/gas clients in Abu Dhabi and Aramco standards.
  • Strong knowledge of state of the art softwares.
  • Good supervisory skills
  • Good usage and familiarity of state of the art design softwares. Including 3D modeling, design softwares , fabrication softwares and data transfer among them
  • Conversant with Microsoft office softwares.
  • Capable of working in a state of the art engineering office for an EPC contractor where quality deliverables have to be issued in a short time.
  • Excellent command of technical writing including written and spoken English languages.
  • 20 years of FEED/EPC contractor experience with minimum 10 years on FEED studies with balance as LDE design.