Skills: Metallurgist / Materials Engineering, Corrosion Engineering
Other Skills: Chemical Engineering, Metallurgist / Materials Engineering, Corrosion Engineering
Experience: 15 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Rotational Salaried Employee
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Libya

We are looking to recruit a Corrosion Inspection Engineer with significant experience in the oil and gas industry for our clients field sites with the following job description and desired skills / qualifications:

The ideal candidate should be able to assist the Corrosion Section's Supervisor in the overall management of the Section's mandates, in a timely manner, to achieve key deliverables.

Only Candidates whom interested in working in LIBYA and have the required work experience listed below are invited to apply for the vacancy.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assume technical leadership and authority in designated Inspection engineering disciplines.
  • Provide authoritative technical assessment & Interpretation of inspection data, and ensure the effective application of Innovative Inspection techniques & specialized technologies.
  • Develop the Inspection management strategy, the annual Inspection plans and ensure Implementation thereafter.
  • Review and evaluate the none destructive testing results and establish the effectiveness of Internal corrosion control methods.
  • Deliver periodic reports on static equipment status, Including Identification and assessment of significant trends, and remedial actions.
  • Develop and manage the risk-based Inspection (RBI), and the risk-based assessment (RBA) processes & systems.
  • Conduct remnant-life and fitness-for-service assessments of static equipment - transfer lines, pipelines, storage tanks, pressure vessels ... etc
  • Maintain appropriate level of contact With Site teams, 3rd parties, and other disciplines/stakeholders to ensure effective achievement of the corrosion & inspection management objectives.
  • Recommend changes In corrosion criticality analyses and monitoring/Inspection programs where appropriate
  • Advise on materials selection, Inspection and testing requirements, and repair techniques for static equipment (well casings & tubings, flowlines, transfer lines, pipelines, storage tanks, pressure vessels ... etc) In a timely manner to minimize shutdowns and interruptions to operations.
  • Provide expert advice to, and effectively interact With, the Corrosion Section's personnel; and actively participate In the development of national staff.
  • Undertake/lead failure investigations related to material and corrosion Issues In accordance with prescribed or approved failure Investigation procedures.
  • Participate In Site audits and identify areas of concern and prepare dedicated Inspection procedures to follow-up their resolution.
  • Participate In the preparation of the Capital/Operating budgets and monitor the financial performance against budget, so that areas of unsatisfactory performance are Identified and rectified promptly, and potential performance Improvement opportunities are capitalized upon.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

  • BSc In metallurgy, corrosion, chemistry or related subject, With relevant and valid NACE & API certifications
  • Extensive discipline experience In the Oil & gas Industry With respect to Inspection techniques & technologies, corrosion control methods & Instrumentations, and materials selection.
  • Skilled In formulating Inspection strategies, and In translating them Into workable programs with clear and measurable KPls.
  • Skilled in the Interpretation and application of International, National, and Local Standards, Codes of Practice, Specifications and Guidelines relating to materials, Inspection management, and other related disciplines.
  • Skilled in the field of maternal selection (metals, non-metallic materials), corrosion principles, metallurgy, and static equipment Inspection and maintenance.
  • Knowledge in the product-selection processes (lab & field trials)
  • Good Interpersonal and communication skills - able to persuade a multidisciplinary team of the importance of a sound material selection, Inspection and corrosion mitigation strategies.
  • Able to work autonomously - without supervision, and with minimal support; yet manages to produce efficient & effective results.
  • Uttermost commitment to people development with emphasis on junior national staff.
  • Fluent English language With respect to speaking, writing, and reading - preferably With some Arabic speaking.


Summary of Terms & Conditions:

Work Cycle of 42 Days Work /21 Days Leave Including Travel days

10 Hours a day

• 7 Days a week

• Payment for work days only

• Air fare travel by Economy Class

Medical cover

• Accident Cover

Accommodation, Food and Internal transportation will be provided by the client

• Single Status