Company: North Oil Company
Skills: Environmental Engineer
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Masters Degree
Location: Qatar

Scope of Work

This position reports to N+1: Lead Environment Engineer and N+2: Head of Environment, Health and Industrial Hygiene.

The job holder will:

  • Contribute to the validity of permit and licenses, and interface with regulatory authorities to obtain or renew relevant environmental permits and licenses for NOC operation and new projects.
  • Participate to NOC compliance to all applicable regulations, licenses and permits for NOC operations and new projects.
  • Ensure cross-functional coordination with other departments to ensure achievement of NOC environmental KPIs.
  • Ensure NOC ISO14001:2015 EMS procedures and standards are integrated into operations, implemented, audited and reviewed periodically.
  • Ensure Contractor's Environmental Management Plans are compliant with NOC ISO14001:2015 EMS requirements and monitored regularly.
  • Ensure environmental studies and monitoring (ESIA, ENVID, ESBS, EMOS) are compliant with Qatar Laws and IFC/WB guidelines and clearance are obtained from MME for development projects.
  • Ensure preparation and submission of environmental reports as required by permits and licenses to Authority and Shareholders.
  • Ensure emergency oil spill preparedness through procedure review, readiness of equipment, organize drills and exercise and promote awareness of oil spill risks and prevention.
  • Promote environmental awareness through campaigns and trainings
  • Provide supports to operations and major projects for environmental engineering matters.


  • Identify and anticipate permits or license requirements or updates for NOC operation, modification or new development projects.
  • Plan preparation and completion of relevant supporting documents for the permitting process. Act as a technical liaison with regulatory authority,
  • Maintain regular communications with regulatory authorities via meetings and regular reports for environmental studies and permitting process (Consent to Operate (CTO), Consent to Construct (CTC), Hazardous Waste Licenses).
  • Ensure monitoring of compliance to legal requirements (Qatar laws, NOC permits and licenses, NOC policy and contracts) and perform regular compliance review and report to the Management.
  • Collaborate with other departments together environmental data to prepare monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual environmental reports as prescribed in permits and licenses to Qatar Authority and shareholders; and monitor the status of environmental KPIs.
  • Coordinate the implementation of environmental monitoring survey for Al Shaheen field as per the consent to operate requirements and liaise with Qatar Authority to obtain approval of scope of work and final report.
  • Coordinate preparation and implementation of environmental and social baseline study (ESBS), environmental identification (ENVID) and ESIA for modification or development projects.
  • Provide supports in Whale Shark monitoring program in collaboration with local partners and the Qatar Authority.
  • Ensure implementation of ISO14001:2015 in NOC operations: Review and update procedures, organize for training or to raise awareness, and monitor the performance and organize management review.
  • Coordinate ISO14001:2015 internal and external audits with independent auditors and follow up the findings.
  • Provide technical supports to review Contractors' environmental management plan and ensure its compliance to NOC's EMS.
  • Ensure oil spill response preparedness, including update procedures, organized trainings, equipment maintenance program and maintain coordination with external supports QP and OSRL.
  • Take role as oil spill duty and actively participate in drills and exercises for oil spill scenarios and respond to real oil spill cases.
  • Provide technical supports to NOC Operation for the waste management (inc audits) and chemical management,
  • Promote environmental awareness, at all levels of the organization,

Profile Requested

  • MSc or B.Sc. degree in engineering discipline or Environmental Sciences
  • Minimum 10 years professional experience in an environment management system in an operational setting (preferably 10 to 15 years hands on experience in oil and gas industry operations).
  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of local environmental legislation and international standards.
  • Strong understanding of ISO 14001:2015 EMS, preferably with experience of system auditing and implementation.
  • Good understanding of International best practices and standards e.g. IFC/WB, IPIECA, USEPA.
  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines.
  • Strong report writing and analytical skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. Understanding French and Arabic are advantageous.
  • Having high standards for work ethics and integrity.