Company: Grupo Epalmo
Skills: Contracts Engineer, Purchasing
Other Skills: Advanced level in Contracts technical Competencies required. C&P tools advanced certification required (SAP, JUPITER, AGORA, SEQUANA)
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Luanda, Luanda Province, Angola


The job holder contributes to the Services Purchases and Contracting processes and liaises with various stakeholders to ensure operational objectives are met and proper communication on his/her activity:

  • Update the Procurement Plan timely for his/her files concerned
  • Help to prioritize the contracting workload of his/her team
  • Contribute on reporting of Key Performance Indicators on his/her contracting and services purchases activities
  • Know (follow, analyze, etc..) his/her market(s) with the support of MPM Market Intelligence team
  • Proactively build and maintain relationship with Technical Entities (work in Duet) and suppliers in order to establish and maintain a highly effective service
  • Prepare and conduct Duet/ Triplet meetings to ensure efficiency of Duets/Triplets process
  • Ensure that all insurance, tax, legal and compliance issues of company assets and personnel are dealt with
  • Use TEPA and TOTAL Group frame agreements and frame contracts
  • Identify Best Practices and submit it to the PMPT/PM-CT Head of Services
  • Participate to and promote activities, projects, actions launched for the improvement of the Supply Chain Process
  • Update the Suppliers and Contracts management tools and use e-sourcing tool whenever possible
  • Report his/her activity to the Head of Servies and report his/her Savings achieved to MPM entity
  • Mentor other Services Buyers or Junior Services Buyers of his/her team
  • Act as PMPT/PM-CT Head of Services during his/her absence when requested


The job holder leads the Contract or Services Purchase Order (PO) award process to provide the Services required to satisfy the operational needs of his/her Technical Entity:

  • Conduct the contract/services PO award process in accordance with affiliate procedures, applicable laws and applicable contracts in respect of the strategy validated (call for tender (CFT), single source, extension...) and where applicable:
  • Prepare the strategy (bidders list, planning, scope, CFT criteria...) with Technical Entity, CATMAN and/or Contracts Committee
  • Launch the publication of the CFT in the Jornal de Angola and in TEPA's intranet
  • Finalise the bidders list
  • Request for Partners approval and issue a request for SONANGOL approval of the bidder list and other required documents
  • Consolidate the consistency of the CFT documents and prepare CFT file according to the applicable rules and procedures
  • Follow up of Partners and SONANGOL approvals
  • Issue CFT documents to suppliers approved on the bidders list
  • Liaise with bidders prior to CFT closing date
  • Be the focus point for the CFT process
  • Whenever necessary launch Supplier/Contractor Qualification (including Due Diligence) process and ensure finalization before the award
  • Conduct the contractual and commercial bid analysis and negotiations in line with the CFT evaluation tables and strategy;
  • Elaborate the Recommendation to award (RTA) and get it approved as per the internal Delegation of Authority (DoA), by the CATMAN, the Contract Committee and/or other Boards as applicable
  • Prepare presentations and participate in Contracts Committee for his/her own files
  • Request for RTA Partners and SONANGOL approvals and follow/register approvals received
  • Establish the final contract or service PO and submit it for signature in compliance with DoA and ACT procedures
  • Insert the contract (and all other requested documentation) in SAC or in any other tool specified by the concessionary
  • Ensure correct and complete handover of contracts to all Technical Entities concerned


The job holder ensure proper management and anticipation in the activities of contract management of his/her files:

  • Monitor the status of contracts and long term POs under his/her stewardship by anticipating renewals and contracting strategy needs
  • Ensure the launch of contract/PO renewals and amendments whenever relevant and necessary to ensure continuity of the operations
  • Ensure the settlement of claims and lawsuits with Contractors with the support of Legal, Insurance or Tax Entities
  • Fill up ACT Contracts databases (Agora, SAP, WorkFlows) timely with the progress of the activity
  • Launch and participate in the periodic assessment of strategic suppliers during contract execution and Contracts closure reports in liaison with the Technical Entity
  • Ensure correct Contracts handovers to contracts users
  • Ensure Contracts archives filling at conclusion of the contract award process with ACT/MPM and ACT/DTC (for contracts above 10M USD)


The job holder ensures the Compliance of the Services activities:

  • Ensure that company's Contractual and Purchasing Policies and applicable laws and regulations are adhered to, especially related to Ethics and transparency
  • If necessary, ensure Suppliers/Contractors Qualification (including Due Diligence) process is launched and finalized before awarding a contract or PO
  • Ensure the use of the contracting documents and procedures to comply with the standards of the company and the agreements with the Partners
  • Ensure the application of TEPA's General Terms and Conditions for services or the use of "localized" TGP standard contracts, especially as it concerns complex, high value, high risk equipments
  • Ensure the good administration and filing of all the contracting documents and ensure that all approvals, justifications, circulation forms etc... are filed in line with the applicable procedures and meet audit requirements in order to minimize any potential Partner/Authorities audit claims or court actions


The Job holder adheres and ensure his/her team members comply with the H3SE rules:

  • Set a personal example in adherence to TEPA HSE procedures;
  • Be in constant alignment with H3SE Company rules, Procedures, Instructions and applicable legislation;
  • Take the necessary measures to avert immediate threat of danger. Exercising caution as necessary to avoid danger to persons and installations or avoid pollution;
  • Report any incidents (Anomaly, unsafe acts, near miss, damage, injury, etc...) exercising caution as necessary to avoid danger to persons and installations or avoid pollution;


Context and environment

The job holder works in a complex and multidisciplinary environment involving many stakeholders (Insurance, Legal, Concessionaire, Partners, Head Office, Technical Entities, Finance, HSE, Suppliers and Compliance).

The job holder establishes and participates to the optimization of the economic performance of the operations conducted in the affiliate by establishing, monitoring and updating his/her services contracts to be, at all times in line with company rules, applicable laws and applicable contracts standards and requirements.

Due to the significant financial and compliance exposure associated with the Supply Chain process, the job holder shall ensure strict adherence to Company rules and Code of Conduct.

TEPA's production : 600 000 Barrels/days

Concessionary : Sonangol


  • Manage the contracting processes delivering best quality in time and at the optimal cost for the affiliate
  • Participate in the improvement of contracting practices
  • Mentor members of his/her team
  • Successfully prepare, negotiate and administer a broad range of complex, technical and high value/risk contracts/services PO
  • Ensure Technical Entities' requirements satisfaction to avoid any shortages of services
  • Use of TEPA's and TOTAL Group contractual terms;
  • Ensure competition and transparency in all contracting processes.

Qualifications/Experience required

C&P competencies

  • Advanced level in Contracts technical Competencies required
  • C&P tools advanced certification required (SAP, JUPITER, AGORA, SEQUANA)


Qualification and background

  • Diploma: Bac + 4 or recognized/certified experience equivalence
  • Professional experience: 5-8 years in within Services Purchases and Contracts in the O&G industry
  • Personal Abilities: Basic Management, Advanced Human Relations, Problem Solving and Planning, with ability to organize, coordinate and control
  • Professional skills: negotiation, writing, languages

With 18 years of activity around the world, Grupo Epalmo, based in Porto, Portugal, is acknowledged in its own country and in the international markets for its competence, accuracy, professionalism and perseverance, being one of the major business groups experienced in Human Resources, Temporary Work, Professional Training, Consulting, Construction and Industrial Maintenance.


Grupo Epalmo has always followed a business dynamic focused on both clients and collaborators, and though mainly directed on the Energy, Industrial and Construction areas, it has been increasing its investments regarding the conquering of new and ambitious goals and markets.


Based always on a spirit of professionalism and supported by a technical and theoretical know-how, Grupo Epalmo, and its highly qualified and motivated teams, is the first to provide services with the aspiration to best serve the clients’ demands, with dedication and consideration.


Operating in more than 20 countries, including Angola, we provide our teams and specialists, for operators in the international energy sector, from Oil & Gas and industrial maintenance, to nuclear and construction.


Grupo Epalmo, Headquarters;

Rua S. Lourenco 12 1 Sala 1 e 6
Apartado 1120
4446 – 909 Ermesinde – Portugal
Tel: (+351) 229 773 650
Fax: (+351) 229 733 544


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