Company: Jacobs
Skills: Commissioning Engineer / HUC
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Moor Row, England, United Kingdom

To lead a Commissioning Support Team that assists the delivery of the FGMSP Commissioning Programme and ensures commissioning arrangements and standards are administered and adhered to.

  • Understand the vision, goals and strategies to deliver FGMSP Commissioning Programme.
  • Give Commissioning Manager confidence in delivery management, quality and compliance through regular reports, development of governance tools and communications.
  • Ensure individual team members fully understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Plan, balance and prioritise Commissioning Support Team resources to support successful project delivery.
  • Manage day-to-day liaison with Commissioning Support personnel to obtain any necessary permissions and minimise impacts.
  • Develop and maintain commissioning tracking systems to ensure full and accurate records are kept and auditable.
  • Arrange and assist with audits on Contractor arrangements and systems and produces reports and action plans as outputs.

  • Leading and coaching the Commissioning Support Team to maximise their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Strive to improve project delivery performance.
  • Promote a positive health and safety culture.
  • Monitor, manage and control the radiological dose uptake of team members.



Commitment to nuclear safety and security.

Commitment to standards.

Collaboration and teamwork.

Coaching and development of others.

Integrity and honesty.

Continuous and shared learning.

Problem solving.


Drive for results.

Lead change.

Effective communication.


Openness and willingness to broaden and enhance knowledge and understanding.