Company: Kintec Recruitment
Skills: Mechanical Engineering
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Contractor
Salary: €Neg
Location: Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland

Position Summary

The details below highlight the outline of the Field Mechanical Technician positions. Elements may be changed or added in the future, as deemed appropriate by departmental management.

The Field Mechanical Supervisor will be expected to have increased experience and specialist knowledge of mechanical equipment. The Supervisor will be expected to be able to be self-motivated and to have greater supervisory and communication skills. Certain Supervisors will have the specialist skills such as those necessary to maintain relief devices.

The team of Field Mechanical Technicians provides hands on support to perform field and workshop activities related to repair, modification and refurbishment of a variety of mechanical equipment, such as pumps, compressors, gearboxes, pressure systems, compressor valves, companders and expanders, heat exchangers and pressure vessels, installed a different locations across Europe.

Nature and Scope

Field Mechanical Supervisors will be expected to supervise contractors, being responsible for their safety, productivity, technical performance and conformance to procedures.

Responsibilities include: -


The Field Mechanical Supervisors will be expected to have a broader knowledge of the specialist equipment and techniques, and to demonstrate the ability to suggest and implement cost effective modifications to maintenance techniques and/or equipment changes, to improve reliability, having considered all the relevant technical aspects of the change. An increased knowledge of SAP is also expected, such as having the ability to find maintenance work orders to book time to and how to find and reserve spare parts.


The Field Mechanical Supervisors should have good verbal and written communication skills. They will be expected to be able to liaise with contractors and internal customers and to write follow-up reports and EMRs following the execution of field work, as and when required.

Principal Accountabilities

" To demonstrate acceptance of the safety culture and to ensure that safety standards are suitably adhered to. Taking responsibility for reporting near misses and APTs as a preventive measure is an example of this.

" To help repair and/or refurbish affected equipment so as to assure the minimum loss of production.

" To help investigate equipment failures, determine root cause of failure, and recommend appropriate solutions to reduce recurrence of/or eliminate cause of failure.

" To provide hands on and supervision support as required to resolve mechanical equipment field problems as they occur.

" To assist in the development, implementation, and periodic review of preventative/predictive maintenance programs to reduce unplanned shutdowns and improve overall plant on stream capability.

" To keep abreast of and evaluate new methodologies, work practices, equipment, machinery, technology, etc., for application and use within the plant.

" To participate in the planning and execution of minor and major shutdowns. Provide technical and hands on support as required during shutdowns.

" To maintain an error free execution, paying very close attention to details and executes work to the highest possible standard. Apply a "Continuous Improvement" philosophy to daily work.

" To ensure all repair and overhaul work is carried out fully and effectively, within budget.

" To carry out equipment's modification requests to central design specifications, making sure that prior to executing the work, an MOC has previously been approved.

" The ability to communicate in English, both the spoken and written word.

" To establish and maintain an effective working relationship with all those individuals and departments who receive service from or provide support guidance or assistance to the field team.

" To be available out of hours in the event of both mechanical breakdowns and pre-planned activities, that imply the need to work out of normal business hours. This will require response to Operational requirements on a 24 hour per day, 7 day per week basis, to a location anywhere across Europe.

Position Requirement

The minimum requirements for the Field Mechanical Supervisor position are: a formal Mechanical Apprenticeship, BTEC Level 3 / ONC, minimum 5 -10 years of experience with reciprocating and rotating machine maintenance, familiarity with precision measuring equipment, materials of machinery, lifting and rigging, schematics and layout drawings and understand maintenance manuals. Previous experience in supervising others in the team. A full driving license and passport are als