Company: Jacobs
Skills: IT - Networking & Telecom, Electrical Technician
Experience: 3 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Qatar

We are actively searching for qualified candidates for this opportunity. We are currently identifying candidates for this effort. This requisition is contingent upon award of contract to Jacobs.

Perform all telephone system administration, operations, maintenance and service in accordance with DISAC 310-55-1 Operations: Status Reporting 21 Jan 2000, DISAC 310-55-9 Operations: Base Level Support for the Defense Information System Network (DISN) 5 Nov 1999, DISAC 310-70-1 Methods and Procedures DII Technical Control 25 Jun 1998, DISAC 310-130-2 Communication Requirements Management Thresholds and Performance Objectives change 14 Nov 2005, USAISEC Installation Information Infrastructure (I3A) Technical Criteria Feb 2010, USAISEC Outside Plant Design and Performance Requirements (OSPDPR) TR No. AMSEL-IE-TI 09-001-7A February. This includes, but is not limited to, demand, routine and preventive maintenance, data entry, patch programming changes, telephone prefix and area code updates. Ensure all required critical and spare (PLL) parts (recommended by the manufacturer or directed by the COR) are identified for purchase and on hand. Notify the COR when sufficient spare parts are not on hand at these recommended levels. Provide reports to the COR/S4 as required by attachments 1 and 2, and guidance to include AR 710-2 and NETCOM Reg 710-2.



Education Requirements: None.
Certification Requirements: DoD 8570 Baseline Certification Requirements.
Experience Requirements: Three (3) years of telecommunications experience. Must be able to troubleshoot and resolve problems and incidents related to VoIP or digital telecommunications platforms. Must possess basic knowledge of telecommunications fundamentals (infrastructure, switching, ISDN). Must be knowledgeable of VoIP hardware, software, system utilities, error messages, and current versions of Cisco manuals and deployment guides.