Company: Jacobs
Skills: QA / QC / Inspection
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Warrington, England, United Kingdom

About Jacobs Nuclear & PPP:
Jacobs Nuclear is the Design and Engineering partner for Sellafield under the PPP (Programme and Project Partners). This is 20-year arrangement to deliver ~£7bn of major projects. We are identifying our best people to deliver this programme.

Sellafield are looking to adopt high value experience from across comparable highly complex regulated sectors and want to transform project delivery across its estate. Working in a fully collaborative environment, there are three core parts of the PPP scope: delivery of major projects, site-wide project delivery improvements and provision of supporting PPP services.

Jacobs Nuclear provide the front-end design and engineering capability and services required to deliver major projects and site wide project delivery improvements. The programme will deliver innovation in solutions and schedule underpinning the decommissioning plan for the site.

Being part of the PPP Team offers a unique opportunity to be part of a team driving change and innovation in design and execution of engineering, safety and delivery solutions in one of the most complex industrial sites in the UK if not the world.

The project shall be compliant with legislation and in the use of codes and standards in the technical specifications for purchase, installation and put into use purposes. The documents are defined in a master schedule which provides a central source of information from which engineers and designers can select in the knowledge that the definition is up-to-date and relevant.

The position role shall include:
  • Preparing and maintaining the codes and standards master schedule with relevant and the current versions of:
  • United Kingdom primary and secondary legislation
  • Approved Codes of Practices
  • Codes of Practices
  • International and national codes and standards
  • Sellafield Limited Engineering Standards
  • Guidance documents
  • Policy documents
  • Plan and execute regular updates of the master schedule.
  • The master schedule shall account for all engineering disciplines as well as supporting functions (e.g. quality assurance) which are relevant to the execution of the ADT's Design and Engineering Function's work.
  • Liaising with the PPP Services management in the definition of legislation and the means and methods of application.
  • Identify shortcoming in the codes and standards and in consultation with the engineers and designers prepare or assist in the means of defining requirements to overcome the shortcoming.
  • Help and provide advice to engineers and designers in specifying the minimum relevant referenced documents when they prepare "fit for purpose" specifications.
  • Be generally aware when revisions to codes / standards occur and update the schedule or advise on an appropriate strategy to be pursued by the project and advise appropriate parties accordingly.
  • Consult with engineers and designers in the use and suitability of proprietary codes, standards and specifications.
  • Act as a conduit between the design team and the Inspection Control Group (ICG ) subject matter experts that will operate within PPP Services.


  • Experience of work on a large industrial project preferably having fulfilled a senior engineering role.
  • Demonstrable and proven ability to have held leading position on project in the authoring and interpretation of specifications and the use of codes and standards.
  • Demonstrates understanding of legal requirements.
  • Professionally qualified with a good level engineering and quality assurance experience.
  • Experience in collaborative business relationships including with clients and in leading engineering projects for joint ventures. Ability to work effectively and accurately within a team under pressure to meet deadlines and takes due cognizance of financial management budgets and constraints.
  • Ability with evidence of clear, concise, written and oral communication skills, and to be able to communicate effectively at all levels
  • Possess good influencing and organisational skills and put these into effect to manage own workload and influence that of others in the team
  • Enthusiastic commitment to team working and flexibility to manage the demands of a team environment.