Company: Jacobs
Skills: Facilities Engineer, Manufacturing Engineering
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Dearborn, Michigan, United States

Operational & Facility Engineer for Jacobs Technology Inc., dba Jacobs, for a position in Dearborn, Michigan. Perform facility engineering in manufacturing for development testing of automotive systems. Minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Manufacturing Engineering OR Mechanical Engineering OR Related Field required. Foreign degree equivalent acceptable. Must have 1 academic course (or 6 months experience) in each of the following areas: Refrigeration & Air Conditioning with Lab; Thermal Dynamics including with air handlers, chillers, vertical turbine pumps, & oxidizers; Fluid Dynamics including with centrifugal pumps, fans, & air compressors; Materials Properties & Processes; ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers) code including with new air handlers & chillers; & Dyno Lab testing for motor engines. Send resume & cover letter (no calls) to: Jacobs, Ms. Cindy Rollins, HR, 600 William Northern Blvd., Tullahoma, TN 37388.