Company: NES Global Talent
Skills: Project Management, Engineering Manager, Subsea Engineering
Education: Masters Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Contractor
Salary: Competitive
Location: Al Khobar, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia

Direct reporting to Business Manager;

The role holder is responsible for:

The overall performance of activities in the project related to:

    • Establishment of the change control system
    • Change co-ordination


The role holder shall on own initiative:



  • Review and preparation of necessary project specific adjustments and supplements of the change control related parts of the execution model with focus on:
    • Review the Change Control procedure and, if necessary, prepare a project specific revision of the procedure.
    • Establish Change Management application tool for project:
      - If a database based change module shall be used, ensure that project specific adjustments are made if required.
      - If a manual change handling shall be used, ensure establishment of input formats and change register.
    • Establish/agree with Client formats for "Client notification"/VOR/VO/DVO and deadlines for notice and handling of contractual changes.
    • Define numbering system for:
      - CRs
      - CNs when CNs shall be used (based on CR number and with discipline identification)
      - VOs
  • Ensure that described routines and systems contribute to an efficient and quality assured change control.
  • Make system for change control well known in project:
    • Present change control procedure & change management tool to users in project
    • Present change control procedure to Client
    • Act as user support for change management tool

  • Take personal responsibility for HSSE & Q by focusing on own behaviour.
  • Ensure establishment and maintenance of an efficient change control organisation:
    • with clear responsibilities, authorities and command/reporting lines
    • with following roles filled:
      • Change Co-ordinator (appointed by Project Manager)
      • Engineering Change Co-ordinator in modification and decommissioning projects (appointed by Engineering Manager)
      • Change Committee (appointed by Project Manager)
    • with good liaison with the rest of the project organisation.
  • Participate in teambuilding activities within the business organisation, as required.
  • Supervise the change control organisation within the project.

  • Within area of responsibility; Change Co-ordination:
    • Obtain detailed knowledge of the contract
    • Focus on project vision, goals and strategies for economy
    • Ensure that all changes in scope of work/contract are approved by Client. Evaluate the contractual basis for requests for changes to the contract towards Client based on internal project requirements and from sub-contractors or suppliers. Ensure that all estimates are reviewed before issued to Client.
    • Ensure that change mechanisms of the contract is clear and understood in the project organisation.

  • Ensure that approved changes are implemented in the project plans and budgets.

  • Establish project reporting routines and standardized report formats for Change control
  • Ensure change reporting from all departments, sites, disciplines and subcontractors in accordance with project routines.
  • Report to Business Manager and Change Committee all matters of importance.

  • Ensure focus on internal changes as well as contractual changes.
  • Establish and maintain a register of all changes.
  • Ensure that change handling is performed in accordance with the established change control system.
  • Supervise the handling of Change Requests covering:
    • Change Request (CR) identification and description
    • Client Notification, if applicable
    • CR scope estimation
    • Internal CR evaluation for internal changes
    • VOR handling for contractual changes
    • DVO handling, if applicable
    • Implementing of approved changes
  • Prepare and issue VOR notifications to Client.
  • Prepare and issue VORs to Client.
  • Follow-up VOR reply from Client.
  • Present Change Requests for Change Committee and follow-up decisions made by the Change Committee.
  • Keep the project organisation informed of the status for the various change requests.
  • Ensure follow-up of subcontractors, with respect to approved changes.
  • Implement corrective actions as necessary/agreed

  • Summary of  tasks
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of the HUC Contract and overall Frame Agreement;
  • Overall responsibility for external (contractual) and internal change management and coordination;
  • Ensure approved changes are implemented within plans and budgets;
  • Establish and maintain change control register within project management system;
  • Present and report to Project Change Committee;
  • Prepare and issue project Variation Order Requests and Variation Orders;
  • Qualifications & personal attributes
  • Bachelor (BSc) / Master degree (MSc) or equivalent work experience;
Experience with Saudi Aramco procedures and work routines preferred

Established in 1978, NES Global Talent provides a complete range of contract and permanent talent solutions to the Oil and Gas, Power, Construction and Infrastructure, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and IT sectors worldwide. With more than 40 offices in 28 countries, we are able to provide our clients with the engineering and technical expertise they need, wherever and whenever it is needed. Offering far more than a traditional recruitment service, we fully support our contractors while they are on assignment with everything from securing visas and work permits, to providing market leading benefits packages and accommodation, ensuring they are safely and compliantly able to support our clients.