Company: Kintec Recruitment
Skills: Environmental Engineer
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Contractor
Salary: £Neg
Location: Chad

Position: Environmental Lead Advisor

Regime: Rotation [Typically 28 x 28], N'Djamena based, with the majority of time spent in the field.

Description: Inform and support all operation activities ensuring that the work is performed in accordance with ESIA, procedures approved by Company, regulatory requirements and international oil and gas industry standards.
Report to HSE Manager.


Reporting to the HSE Manager, Environmental Lead responsibility is to provide essential support to HSE Manager and Management Teams within COMPANY to support the Company's activities in Chad.
An essential part of this role will be to lead the existing Chadian Environmental Team and to upskill both this and the HS team in environmental matters - the ability to actively coach and mentor national team-members is paramount.
The positon will also involve taking charge of the Environmental and Social Monitoring Plan (ESMP) with the aim of monitoring, coordinating and performing compliance checks as required.
The Environmental Lead is responsible to:
" Oversee and manage the existing Chadian Environmental Team, including recruitment of personnel, ongoing performance reviews and overall management of the team in country.
" Ensure that the environmental team meets competency requirements, where required recommend training or other actions to meet this requirement.
" Provide frequent reports to management related to COMPANY environmental performance as it related to the ESMP and industry best practice.
" Work closely with all operational departments to ensure teams are duly educated on COMPANY's environmental requirements.
" Provide coaching and mentoring to the site based HSE Team with the aim of upskilling their capabilities and improve COMPANY's overall Environmental Management.
" Observe and document all the environmental measures and procedures implemented before, during and after operations and activities have been carried out (site preparation, construction, production, site reclamation);

" Coordinate with the team and where necessary take the lead insofar as properly recording files and providing instruction, advice and support to the existing waste management team;
" Ensure that the waste management area and associated processes are effective, well documented and that overall management of the waste management area is compliant with the ESMP and industry best practice.
" Work closely with all relevant departments to examine potential disposal and repurposing routes or options for all waste streams in line with the ESIA/ESMP, local and corporate requirements.
" Ensure that Environmental Management System documents/processes are current and update them as required to reflect the requirements of the ESIA/ESMP, COMPANY and Corporate requirements. These documents will be required to comply with the formatting of COMPANY's HSE Document Control System.
" Bring about improvements in the Waste Management Area teams through coordination of a structured training programme to upskill and improve overall competency.
" Coordinate the necessary activities to develop competency in the existing site Spill Response Teams through a structured training programme and frequent exercises.
" In consultation with the HSE Manager, the Environmental Lead shall take the lead on all spill investigation reports in conjunction with the site based Environmental Advisor to ensure incidents are effectively investigated and the SMART corrective actions are agreed with the team, implemented and periodically monitored thereafter.
" Ensure that Environmental Specialists team is effectively monitoring the activities of COMPANY and Contractors to ensure achieve overall compliance with the ESIA & ESMP.
" Take the lead on the effective implementation of COMPANY's ESMP Monitoring Plan through (i) overseeing the compliance checking activities or (ii) working with the compliance checking activity owner to document the process.
" Foster within the teams an environmental approach in such a manner that complies with ESMP and Environmental Guideline commitments and supports COMPANY's long-term environmental objectives. Where issues arise, bring them to the attention of HSE Manager to ensure timely resolution; assist in developing further reporting models for these key areas.
" Work with field and office based environmental advisors or a subcontractor assigned to ensure that site-specific environmental plans are completed and implemented effectively.
" Participate in COMPANY's HSE Assurance programme in conjunction with the site management and HSE teams. Track any corrective actions to closure.
" In conjunction with the site teams' ensure contractors' adhere to COMPANY Environment policies and procedures.
" Assist in the Review and ensure the implementation of the provisions indicated in the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP).
" Review periodic Environmental Reports that are shared internally or externally to ensure they are factual, accurate, concise and issued in line with COMPANY's HSE Document Control System.
" The position will require the successful candidate to constructive challenge decisions likely to have immediate or long-term environmental impacts with a view to arriving at decisions commensurate with the remote locations of the sites.

" Focal point for environmental discussions with the local authorities and regulatory bodies as required.
" Act as an interface with Government Environmental Departments on all environmental matters and accompany government visitors during occasional field trips.
" Ensure that the local environmental teams are correctly engaging with the government body, the CTNSC, and the information and document transmittals are correctly recorded.
" Demonstrates good communication, interpersonal skills and leadership to lead a diverse group.
" Proven record of accomplishment in successful engagement in nationalisation programmes