Company: Bureau Veritas
Skills: Fire Protection
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Sparks, Nevada, United States

Reporting to the Fire Assay Supervisor, the Fire Assay Lead Hand is responsible for overseeing the shift production and processing of customer samples by following established standard operating procedures (SOPs) and safe practices. Work conditions include: medium to heavy work (must be able to lift and carry 75 lbs for 10 feet) involving chemical hazards, exposure to controlled heat sources and repetitive tasks.

- Comply with the OHS Act and Regulations, BV Group Policy and Procedures, Upstream Minerals Management System Policies and Procedures and ISO standards applicable to the Fire Assay Lead Hand position.
- Act in a safe and professional manner and wear appropriate attire including the required personal protective equipment (PPE).
- Carry out Fire Assay procedures in accordance with documented SOPs and other work instructions.
- Oversee technicians involved in furnace loading, pouring, pounding, and cupellation of samples.
- Review crucible discard lists and set up crucible batches for use.
- Ensure samples are processed on a priority basis as determined by the Fire Assay Supervisor.
- Assist in the proper functioning of Fire Assay operations by:
o Training staff on correct equipment usage
o Monitoring the performance of the Fire Assay equipment
o Ensuring adequate inventory of consumable supplies and chemicals
o Monitoring the quality of consumables and chemicals
o Practicing good housekeeping.
- Communicate general laboratory issues to the Fire Assay supervisor as appropriate.
- Report any deviation(s) from documented procedures to the Fire Assay Supervisor.
- Report any unsafe condition(s) observed in the department to the Fire Assay Supervisor.
- Report any non-conforming work related to customer samples and associated test data to the Fire Assay Supervisor.
- Submit to testing for lead exposure on a regular basis.
- Perform other duties as assigned by management.

Education: HS Diploma or Equivalent

Computer Skills: Basic literary in MS Office Suite

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