Company: Core Group
Skills: Executive
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Houston, Texas, United States

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: US

C12 Chair Opportunity

The C12 Group is actively seeking proven business and ministry leaders in Houston. C12 Chairs view the workplace as their mission field, serving full-time to build, lead, and coach groups of Christian CEOs and executives in their local market. The role and goal of a C12 Chair can
be summarized with the words...

The Chair is responsible for building groups of Christian CEO's and Business owners (Members). This process includes networking, business development, and selling. You don't need to have a background in sales, but you do need to be willing to follow a proven, results driven process, and have the passion, patience, and persistence to grow your practice over time. C12 Chairs manage their local practice by offering a fee-for-service membership on an invitation-only basis to qualified individuals, maintaining the integrity and affinity of the C12 experience. Through an initial investment, Chairs are well equipped to
build, lead, and facilitate multiple C12 Groups with world-class curriculum and resources.

As you are building your groups, you are also "leading the leaders," as you are facilitating the monthly Peer Advisory Board meeting, and engaging the Members individually in one on one coaching, advising, mentoring, and counseling. C12 leadership encompasses both a business and spiritual equipping perspective.

As you build your practice, and lead your Members, you begin to create an incredible amount of impact on your Members, their stakeholders, and your community, in both the temporal (healthy growing businesses, better work life balance, stronger relationships), and the eternal (people coming to Christ, sanctification of believers, ministry in Christ name). C12 Chairs view Members as ambassadors for Christ whose companies are platforms for ministry. Chairs help their Members pursue excellence in business from a biblical perspective, stewarding the opportunity entrusted to them.


Mature Christ-Follower
Believe and live a life that indicates that Jesus is Lord and Savior, the "whole Bible is wholly true," and God has a plan for every believer's life and that includes their business. Be a hearer and doer of God's Word, with an unwavering biblical worldview.

Entrepreneurial Attitude & Spirit
A "can do," self starting mindset, with the willingness and ability to be in business with us, and committed to being full time "owner operator" of your practice with no other active vocational interests. A desire to build not just a monthly income but long term equity and business legacy.

Ability to Invest Financially
Must be able to invest not just your time and talent but your resources to build and grow your practice. Must also have financial reserves to live on for 6-18 months depending on your monthly needs.

Business Leadership Principles
Must have strong business leadership acumen, and understand how the Bible applies to business. Be a servant leader, lifelong learner, embrace a stewardship (God owns it all) mindset, and have a strong desire to impart this wisdom upon others.

Trustworthy Advisor to Peers
Must have the "gravitas" to garner the respect of business peers who will seek your advice and counsel.