Company: International Development Company Manpower Supply
Skills: Production Operator
Other Skills: SIMOPS, WHT, Wellhead Tower Operations
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



Job Title:

Operator, (WHT SIMOPS)

Reports to:

Supervisor,  Production (SIMOPS)




During SIMOPS Operation, operates panels on Wellhead Towers including shutdown/ start-up, oil and gas well testing using Multi Phase Flow Meters assigned to an Offshore Production Area, field changes, Choke adjustment, Change orifice plates as required, Pigging, Tops up chemicals, collects oil/ water samples, conducts pressure surveys and carries out annulus pressure surveys .


The Wellhead Tower includes Well Control Panel, Oil, Water and gas Well producers and injectors' X­ Mas trees, MPFM, Surface Safety Systems, F&G Systems and attached surface and Sub-Sea Pipeline networks, Chemical injection, risers, pig launchers and receivers . Additionally, SIMOPS material like deluge skid, fire & gas detector, depressurization spool , sprinklers loop, explosion proof electrical lights

, main F& G panel reset , procedures , cooperating with maintenance activities , greasing , integrity

checks , s  ite surveys ...etc



Job Specific Accountabilities


Accountability-  Field Operation & SIMOPS Operation

  • SIMOPS Operator are the focal point on all SIMOPS activities .
  • SIMOPS Operator will present Production Field in Drilling Rigs, Drilling Barges, Maintenance Barge, Project Barge... etc. (any type ofWHT SIMOPS)
  • All SIMOPS Operator are the focal point on rigs and barges during SIMOPS activities .
  • Prepares the Wellhead Towers for routine/ planned/breakdown maintenance and carries out first line maintenance . Carries out infield oil/ water and gas pipelines cleaning and intelligent pigging operations .
  • Visits the Wellhead Towers on daily basis to implement field changes , collects Oil/ water sample, conducts pressure surveys , prepares MPFM for well testing programs and ensures efficient operations according to the prescribed conditions .
  • Records operating data such as pressure, temperature, levels of each wellhead tower including scrubbers, gas headers and risers. Reports to Productions readings . Implements approved  remedial actions immediately.
  • Operates all systems at optimum condition. Carry out basic maintenance in addition to the routine jobs .
  • Operates according to established  procedures, including start-up/shut-down the wellhead towers and adjusting associated chokes to maintain the required levels, flow rates, pressures and temperature.
  • Prepares the wellhead towers and sub-sea pipelines for maintenance as per the established procedures when required, accompanies the Instrument/Mechanical/Electrical  technicians to brief the defects/faults ensuring safe preparations of equipment for planned/breakdown maintenance and test/induct    such repaired equipment to ensure operations .
  • Informs Supervisor for the replenishment of stores stock items/chemical necessary for operating the wellhead tower & sub-sea pipelines, checks consignments and endorses loading /delivery  notes. Maintains adequate housekeeping according to Company 's safety regulations .
  • Mixes chemicals to appropriate ratios and prepares doses for injections streams whenever required.
  • Prepares equipment for maintenance in accordance with established procedures, ADNOC safety regulations and maintains adequate standard of housekeeping throughout the plants. Ensures adherence to Company 's safety rules, procedures & standards .
  • Performs first line routine services greasing, lubricating, adjusting glands, tightening  loose connections,  preparing Isolation Confirmation Certificates (ICC).
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by Supervisor, participating in training/ developing new recruits/ UAE Nationals employees/ juniors.
  • Carries out annulus pressure surveys as required by field supervisor and reports in a log any abnormalities.
  • SIMOPS Operator will handle the job of Field Senior Operator (WHT) when there is no SIMOPS operations
  • Communicate with Rig/Barge DSL and representatives for operation and safety
  • Report and conduct initial analyses of failure in SIMOPS equipment and acts promptly to bring in production. Alerts SIMOPS Supervisor, CCR and maintains safety of such equipment
  • Carries out a frequent inspection on Rigs and Barges on WHT facilities and SIMOPS equipment.
  • Generate near miss, observation  reports and ensures maintaining good housekeeping standard in the WHT. Attend and contribute with own views in group safety meeting.
  • Submit a daily operation checklist and any points of concerns to SIMOPS supervisor
  • submit well handover checklist between operations & Drilling Rigs & Barges during SIMOPS and send it to SIMOPS supervisor
  • Implement operation activities like LO/LC procedure, over-ride procedure, P &ID verification ...etc


Generic Accountabilities

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures

  • Implement and comply with all relevant functional policies, processes, systems, standards, procedures, to accomplish operational objectives that related to WHT & Pipeline Operation and SIMOPS activities


  • Provide on-the-job Training to meet Competency  Based Training programs for UAE Nationalization.

Innovation and Continuous  Improvement

  • Contribute to the identification of areas and opportunit ies for continuous improvement in the operating procedures and functional  processes.



Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Sustainability

  • Comply with relevant HSE policies, procedures & controls and applicable legislation and sustainability guidelines in line with international standards, best practices and ADNOC Code of Practices .
  • Works in line with HSE policy and ensure awareness and compliance of HSE rules and regulation by subordinates . Rake the ownership of ADNOC  100% HSE and Life Saving Rules
  • Maintains  environmental  protections  by  implementing  the  safe  procedure  for  handling  dangerous wastes and applying waste segregation procedure.


  • Maintain  the  work  environment  clean  and  tidy  before,  during  operations,  in  line with  established standards of Hygiene and Housekeeping .


  • WHT parameters , annulus surveys, housekeeping , SIMOPS Operation ...etc






  • Daily contacts with work associates and operations personnel up to supervisor level to discuss productions of Oil/ water and gas targets and wellhead Towers operating activities .
  • Daily   contacts   with   work   associates   and   maintenance   personnel   to   co-ordinates   the preparations for maintenance.
  • Frequent contacts with productions work force and helpers to explain requirements.
  • Works   according   to established    procedures, specialized technical   standards   and safety
  • instructions, using own initiative, judgement  in adjusting wellhead tower conditions .




  • Coordinates with all performing authorities and be a focal point to assure the area is safe for operation .
  • Communicate daily with DSL Rig & Barge to maintain Rig/ Barge activities with Production interest.




Minimum Qualification

  • Secondary Education certificate followed by 2 Years formal training in Field/Well Operation

Minimum Experience & Knowledge & Skills

  • 5 Years' experience in oil and gas industry including 2 Years' experince in Wellhead Tower Operations and very good understanding of SIMOPS standard and procedure .
  • Good knowledge of both Spoken and Written English. (Minimum equivalent to 4.5 and above- IELTS





  • Able to analyze performance data from Wells and pipeline operation to take immediate proper remedial actions in case of variance to prevent production and injection shutdowns .
  • Able to coordinate with different disciplines to ensure production is sustained safely
  • Able to analyze any emergency conditions to put his area in safe conditions if required.






  • Communicate effectively
  • Use industry terminology appropriately and effectively
  • Interact with maintenance, project, drilling contractors ' teams effectively
  • understanding corporate responsibilities and commitments and position relative to their issues


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