Company: Crosby Energy Services
Skills: Production Operator
Experience: 2 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Cut Off, Louisiana, United States


  • "B" Production Operator positions open in GOM. 14 and 14 work schedule.
  • Must have 2-5 years experience.
  • Benefits include Medical Insurance, PTO, Holiday Pay and 401k.


Must Have Skills and Knowledge in Offshore and or Onshore Safety Awareness Training (Safegulf/Safeland or Equivalent). Shall include the following : Accident Prevention, Signs & Tags, Back Safety, Confined Space, Bloodborne Pathogens, Drug and Alcohol, Electrical Safety, Fall Protection, Fire Prevention and Extinguishers, Hand Safety, Hazwoper, First Responder Awareness, Hearing Conservation, Hazard Communication, Incident Reporting & Investigation, Lockout/Tagout, Permitting, PPE, Walking Working Surfaces, JSA (Job Safety Analysis) and Stop Work Authority. ErgoSafe.

Demonstrate Superior Skills and or Knowledge:


• Operate Oil, Gas, Water, Enhanced Recovery, Export, Process and Consumer Utilities Systems and Processes. (S)

• ( K only) Maintain and Test Emergency Shutdown Valves, Instrumented Protection Systems, Fired Equipment, Heat Exchanger, Pressure Vessels and Other Process Equipment. (S)

• Monitor and Control Hydrocarbon Process Activities (S)

• Safety System Checks (S)

• Product Material Sampling (S)

• Prevent Corrosion and Material Degradation (S)

• Tank Vessel Drainage and Operation (S)

• Inspect, Test and Maintain Piping Systems, Utility and HVAC (S)

• Use of Breathing Apparatus (S)

• Simple lifting including Rigging and slinging (S)

• Plan and Prepare for Emergency Response - (K)

• Emissions and Discharges (K)

• Waste Handling - (K)

• Line and Equipment Specifications and associated Drawings (S)

• Temporary Plant - Facility Changes (S)

• Work in Area Zone Classification (K)

• Working in Hazardous Atmospheres: (S)

• Application of MOS-OOS (S)

• Gas Freeing or Purging (K)

• Gas Testing (K)

• Work with Safeguarding and Interlocks (K)

• Maintain Hose Management (K)

(K = Knowledge, S = Skill)