Company: Saudi Aramco
Skills: Chemical Engineering, Design Engineer
Experience: 20 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Saudi Arabia

Req Number: 18377BR

Position Description:

Basic Function:

The incumbent brings an exceptional level of knowledge in the fundamentals of reactor design and fluid dynamics, including fixed bed reactors, ebullated beds, fluidized beds, trickle flow, slurry, tubular reactors. He/she is considered Aramco's foremost expert in reactor design, scale up and engineering. He/she is instrumental in the scale-up and deployment of reactor designs - from bench scale to industrial use. He/she anticipates future trends/developments in reactor design and fluid dynamics, and stays abreast of new developments in his/her area of expertise. He/she enhances the technical reputation of Aramco in the domain of reactor design and fluid dynamics in industry and academic arenas.


Provides superior technical insight to the R&D program, guidance to the R&D project leaders and to the plant technologists in the area of reactor design, scale-up, engineering and performances. He/she is Aramco ultimate technical authority on reactor design and connects with / brings in the world best reactor engineer when/as needed. The incumbent works alone, does not have formal line management responsibility. A significant portion of his/her time is devoted to the quality coaching and scientific guidance of R&D project leaders and senior technologists involved in reactor design and engineering. As a member of Aramco's R&T Advisory Council, he/she regularly reviews the technology needs from Aramco R&D, plants and business in terms of reactor design, scale-up and engineering, and shapes the most effective corresponding sourcing strategy and deployment.

Principal Contacts:

Frequent independent contact with all levels of management in R&D, technology, manufacturing and business. Build networks of excellence with outside knowledge centers, institutes, research centers, innovation councils, private organizations, etc. and internal functions/business groups like (Business, P&CSD, FPD, HSEF, procurement, etc.) to create portfolio of options in reactor technologies. Member of editorial/consultative boards of leading organizations and journals related to reactor design/performances, new reactor developments. May serve as Aramco spokesman on technical matters related to his/her expertise in reactor design and fluid dynamics.


Minimum Requirements:

1. Chemical engineering degree (M.S., Ph.D.).
2. A minimum of 20 years of experience in reactor design/engineering and fluid dynamics. Has a high level quality track record of scaling up a range of types of reactor, of designing/developing novel reactor features/design, of designing and inspecting reactors.
3. The candidate has broad technical credibility is an undisputed scientific/technical authority within their industry.
4. The candidate is a member of editorial / consultative committees of leading journals/associations related to reactor design and engineering, and fluid dynamics.
5. The candidate has an extensive track record initiating, guiding, conducting advanced technical projects and developments with an ability to connect technology, R&D and operational excellence
6. The candidate has the vision, the energy and the entrepreneurship spirit to develop new technologies and products.
7. The candidate has the ability to anticipate, appreciate, catalyze and make the most of changes and new developments.


Duties & Responsibilities:

1. The candidate provides superior technical insight/guidance to the R&D program and plant operation (complex troubleshooting, critical project elements) as Aramco's ultimate technical authority in reactor design, scale-up, engineering, fluid dynamics, and connects with/brings in the world's best experts when/as needed.
2. The candidate drives new high quality science and technical developments in the domain of reactor design and fluid dynamics relevant for Aramco's R&D, technology and business needs: this includes:
• Fundamentals of reactor design, engineering and performance assessment coupled with fluid dynamics - applied to existing and new reactor designs, e.g., fixed bed reactors, ebullated beds, fluidized beds, trickle flow, slurry, tubular reactors, reaction heaters.
• Internals, distributors, feed injection nozzles, spargers, packing/baffles, and mixers.
• Specific fluid dynamic systems related to reaction engineering such as cyclones, ejectors, fluidized bed driers, fans, pneumatic transport systems, and multiphase (incl. slurry) lines.
3. The candidate is the "reactor design and engineering/fluid dynamics" thought leader and oversees/assists the quality of learning and development interventions imparted w.r.t to the discipline (both within as well as outside). Focus on building skills for the present as well as the future.
4. The candidate builds networks of excellence - extra mural partnerships with outside knowledge centers, institutes, research centers, innovation councils, private organizations, etc. And internal functions/business groups like (Business, R&D, P&CSD, FPD, HSEF, procurement etc.) For creating a pool of ideas and initiatives in the reactor design and engineering domain.
5. The candidate is the torch bearer, a beacon of light, in the fundamental mass transfer area for attracting young talent, and oversees the development programs/initiatives to build their technical competencies/excellence.
6. The candidate builds and maintains relationships with major reactor design and engineering knowledge providers for technical collaboration.
7. The candidate enhances the technical reputation of Aramco in major science/technical bodies, institutes, committees/boards and conferences.
8. The candidate will become a member of the Technology Advisory Council. In this role the candidate will participate in the development of Aramco R&D, technology strategy and regularly review the alignment of Aramco R&D and Technology agenda/priorities to fulfill Aramco technology needs, position and sourcing.