Company: Maire Tecnimont Group MET T&S
Skills: Civil Engineering, Project Engineer
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Rotational Contractor
Location: Svobodny, Amur Oblast, Russia

Job Title: Subcontracts Administration Engineer Leader (Correspondence), SAE

Reference: PIR 397107860

Date of issue: 06/02/2020

Project: Amur Gas Processing Plant

Job Location: Svobodny, Russia

Job type/Contract: Temporary. Starts ASAP

Hours/rotation: 91 days on site - 15 days off + 3 days for travelling

Salary range: Rotation of 62 days on-site and 15 days off (+ 3 paid travel days)


  • Single status
  • Daily allowance and accommodation
  • Travel to home country in economy class.


Job Summary/Role description

The project concerns the EPC for the utilities, infrastructures and off-sites facilities of a greenfield plant for the treatment of Natural Gas, located in East Russia.


The Subcontracts Administration Engineer Leader (Correspondence) contributes to the entering, in the specific Data Base, the works performed by Subcontractors and for detecting, both before and after, any deviation from budget values and manage all correspondence.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Acquaint himself with the Project Construction Subcontracts Administration Procedure (PCSAP);
  • To fill-in correctly KS-2, KS-3 and KS-6 format;
  • Manage all Correspondence/Formal Communication/Letters with subcontractors;
  • Check-in detail the accounting submitted by Subcontractors for "unit prices Subcontracts"; in particular, verify quantities (to be calculated in accordance with the drawings issued for construction and in accordance with the Methods of Measurement defined in the Subcontract), verify correct application of unit prices (to be in accordance with the contract price list, and Subcontract requirements), verify correctness of all calculations (arithmetic);
  • Assist Subcontracts Administration Manager (SAM) in the evaluation and verification of extra works;
  • Assist Subcontracts Administration Manager in other Subcontract Administration activities as required;
  • Manage Subcontracts Administration Engineers in Subcontract Administration activities such as back charge application, Liquidated Damages evaluation, Closeout activities;
  • Manage Subcontracts Administration Engineers in preparation of backup documents for PPC to be signed by Subcontract Administration Manager (SAM);
  • Expedite and ensure timely receipt of accountings and other deliverables from Subcontractors;
  • Maintain proper filing of all Subcontracts and accounting documents in accordance with PCSAP??


  • University Degree or Diploma in relevant discipline or equivalent;
  • Significant civil experience in industrial construction or modernisation of Large/XL Gas processing plants;
  • Similar role covered at least in last three projects, of comparable size;
  • Five (5) years relevant field experience;
  • Experience working on Contractor side.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Fluent English;
  • Excellent IT and analytical skills;
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills;
  • Strong interpersonal, team-oriented skills, self-motivation and direction, with strong bias toward timely performance and problem resolution;
  • Attention to detail, strong communications and interpersonal skills.

Special Requirements and Comments:

Only candidates with considerable experience, consistent with the relevant field, will be considered for this position.

Only spontaneous candidates will be considered for this role.

The knowledge of Russian at working level would be advantageous.