Company: BP
Skills: Refinery / Plant Operator
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: Orla, Texas, United States

Offering a 14/14 rotational schedule. Successful candidates do not need to be local to the basin to be eligible for hire. Plant is located in the Permian Basin in Orla, TX.Responsible for performing daily operational check of wells and/or facility. Prepares, maintains, and submits daily reports of applicable production volumes, gas or oil volume, well pressure, and/or volume of chemicals used.Job Duties• Responsible for the safe, environmentally conscious, and economical operation of Permian facilities• Ensure safe working conditions and compliance with all safety and environmental practices and procedures• Develop and execute energy isolation plans for maintenance activities• Use of verification application to verify critical work and log failures• Operate plant inlet, compression, and process areas and associated systems;• Maximize production by meeting product specifications, striving for maximum runtime of the facilities, being helpful and a positive influence, and interacting effectively with other work disciplines, teams, and team members• Provide positive leadership while being a team player • Complete daily read-ups and follow up on parameters outside of normal operational ranges.• Troubleshooting of operational and maintenance problems • Perform routine housekeeping of the plant, and process area;• Share knowledge with co-workers and strive to meet personal and company business goals and objectives• Interface with other parts of the BPX organization such as maintenance, production teams and gas distribution companies• Identify required maintenance on plant equipment and related systems and complete computer work orders• Be responsible for preparation of the plant equipment and piping systems for maintenance• Utilize available training resources to enhance technical abilities• Maintain training required to operate as well as keeping emergency preparedness skills and knowledge at a level that will enable assistance in the handling of any plant emergencies• Have the ability to use hand tools, climb ladders and stairs to elevations of process vessels, open and close process valves and operate motor vehicles• Take an active role in the Process Safety Management program and the DOT pipelinesEssential criteria and qualifications:• 5 years experience in oil and gas or related industry• Minimum high school diploma or equivalent• Proficiency with mechanical equipment and automation/instrumentation systems• Legal authorization to work in the US on a full-time basis for anyone other than your current employer• Experience in oil and gas operations or related industry experience.• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills• Personal commitment to safety and environmental awareness• Understanding of process safety concepts and application• Ability to read and utilize P&IDs and PFDs• The willingness and ability to work 12-hour shift schedules on a 14 X 14 rotation • Basic computer skills with Microsoft word, excel and reporting functions.• A valid driver's license is required