Company: Nabors Drilling International Gulf FZE
Skills: Crane Operator
Other Skills: Prefers candidate who can operate GMK 5220 CRANES
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Rotational Salaried Employee
Salary: Competitive
Location: Papua New Guinea
No location/work authorization restrictions found.

The Crane Operator is responsible for the safe operation of the crane at rig site and campsite to load, offload and move Nabors, Operators' and third-parties' equipment.



  • To demonstrate and promote safety leadership
  • To conduct any operation involving use of the crane putting safety as the prime consideration
  • To operate the crane in accordance with Nabors policies and manufacturer's design parameters
  • To advise the Rig Manager or Toolpusher of any issues related to materials handling and crane usage which could merit their attention



  • Personally responsible for own safety and conducting ones self to the standards of Nabors Policies and Procedures
  • Move and operate the crane safely and within its design parameters
  • Ensure that others involved in lifting operations in the vicinity of the crane are wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are not in unsafe locations
  • Ensure clear and concise hand signals are provided before any crane movements are undertaken
  • Ascertain the weights and dimensions of all lifts and ensure that the appropriate lifting gear is used
  • Communicate with the loadmaster and riggers involved in materials handling, and respond to the loadmaster's signals when operating the crane
  • Complete documentation relating to crane usage, such as shift reports and timesheets, are properly completed
  • Perform routine minor preventative maintenance on the crane in accordance with the Planned Maintenance System (PMS) and, with the approval of the Rig Mechanic or Electrician, conduct minor repairs
  • Carry out daily inspections of the crane, including instrumentation, load cells, tyres, hoisting lines etc. and bring to the attention of the Rig Manager, Rig Mechanic or Electrician any matters which may merit their attention
  • Ensure that lifting gear used with the crane, including slings, shackles & spreaders, is certified, in serviceable condition and is suitable for the purpose intended
  • Inspect, store and maintain lifting gear used in crane operations
  • Work with the Rig Manager, Toolpusher and Driller to seek guidance on scheduling and prioritization of crane operations
  • Participate in the training of junior (trainee) Crane Operators and Riggers
  • Maintain personal training and certification (international and local) for operating the crane model in use at rig site
  • Participate actively in Tool-box Talks and Rig Safety Meetings
  • Ensure understanding of, and compliance with, Nabors permit to work system



Line Managers: Rig Manager & Toolpusher , Barge Engineer (offshore)

Direct Reports: Junior (Trainee) Crane Operators, Riggers

Key Relationships: Rig Manager & Toolpusher, Barge Engineer, Electrician, Mechanic, Rig Crew Members (all internal)

Operator's Rep., Truck Pusher, Truck Drivers, third party service companies' representatives, (all external)



Today, Nabors owns and operates the world’s largest land-based drilling rig fleet and is a leading provider of offshore platform workover and drilling rigs in the United States and numerous international markets. With operations in 28 countries, Nabors also provides directional drilling services, performance tools and innovative technologies throughout many of the most significant oil and gas markets. Leveraging our advanced drilling automation capabilities, Nabors’ highly skilled workforce continues to set new standards for operational excellence and transform our industry.

As of April 16, 2018, Nabors’ assets include:

  • 407 land drilling rigs
  • 31 offshore platform rigs