Company: Athens Group
Skills: Petroleum Engineering
Education: Some College
Employment Type: Part Time Contractor
Salary: Competitive hourly rate
Location: Houston, Texas, United States

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: US

Athens Group Engineering / Quality Intern

Athens Group is a Houston/Austin-based company that delivers performance and safety assurance services to assist the Marine and Oil & Gas upstream industries design, construct, and operate safe, reliable assets.  Athens Group pioneered systems-based inspections for oil rigs almost twenty years ago and is an industry leader today.

Athens Group is looking for a conscientious, detail-minded, self-starting and self-managing intern to help part-time with quality and engineering tasks.  The ideal candidate would be a freshman or sophmore Petroleum, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering student who can commit to work with us for several years. 


·      Hours

o   5 hrs / week in the fall of 2019

§  OTJ learning

§  Handoff from current intern

o   10 hrs / week starting in the spring of 2020

§  Specific time slots each week are not required - you can structure as you like to fit your preferred school / life schedule

o   Occasional short projects / tasks that bump up hours

§  Also must be mutually agreed to

o   Possibility for more consistent hours (e.g. 30 / week) through each summer

§  Must be mutually agreed to by intern and Athens Group

·      Location

o   Work from anywhere - not required to be onsite at Athens Group

o   Initial job learning may be facilitated by coming into an Athens Group office (in Houston or Austin) - this will be discussed during interviews

o   Occasional meetings (at an Athens Group office or on campus) will be scheduled as necessary (typically once per semester or so)

·      Wages

o   Competitive hourly rate 

o   Contract labor (1099), not employee

o   An additional benefit is referenceable experience with the realities of the oil & gas industry - terminology, technology, standards, companies, process, projects and the like (including letters of reference from Athens Group for potential employers)

·      Supervisory Team

o   Hiring manager is Bill O'Grady, VP Engineering

o   Day-to-day supervisor is Thomas Cogdell, Knowledge Coordinator

·      Confidentiality

o   Must sign confidentiality statement and adhere to it, due to the high level of access to extremely sensitive data

·      Laptop

o   Having your own laptop is required

o   Mac preferred, but Windows acceptable

o   Must be kept up-to-date with virus scanning, strong password, and other protections as requested by Athens Group

o   Large amount of free hard disk space (e.g. 100 GB) will be very helpful


·      Quality Tasks (regular)

o   Support ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system by performing project startup and closure tasks, including review of industry documents & reports

o   Carefully follow work instructions to ensure compliance with system (which is subject to both internal and external audits)

o   Record completion of tasks in quality system

·      Engineering Tasks (somewhat more sporadic)

o   Load OEM product bulletins into online database, extracting key information into data fields

o   Review, evaluate, and process (cut/paste/edit Word/pdf versions into Excel formats) industry standards and government regulations for the purpose of creating / modifying checklists for ensuring compliance

o   Other similar tasks as requested


·      Experience / proficiency required for consideration

o   Internet / Web Browser / Cloud technologies (e.g. Google Chrome or Apple Safari)

o   Apple (or Microsoft) operating system

o   Mac (or Windows) file system 

§  Including creating / moving large folder hierarchies with lots of documents, while maintaining complex structures or simplifying as instructed

o   Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, also Outlook for Athens Group emails)

·      Not required to start (we will train you), but it's definitely a plus if you have experience in one or more of these:

o   Dropbox for Business

o   Filemaker Pro

o   Traction Teampage

o   Transmit

o   Leap

Athens Group, founded in 1998, provides Measurable Risk Reduction for Drilling and Production Assets. 


Our suite of industry-leading technology assurance services helps our customers design, construct and operate safe, reliable rigs and platforms in compliance with the highest standards for performance and reliability. 


We identify and remediate risks that, if left unchecked, can lead to project delays, expensive non-productive time, and health, safety and environmental incidents.