Company: Petro Staff International
Skills: Refinery Staff
Experience: 8 + Years
Education: Associates/2 yr Degree/Diploma
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Salary: TAX FREE! Base salary plus full expat benefits
Location: Doha, Doha, Qatar

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Located in region: East & SE Asia

Qualifications / Knowledge / Skills / Experience

1.  Degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent.

2.   8 Years of operations experience in Refinery with 3 years of experience in supervisory level.

3.   High degree of oral and written English.

4.   Able to generate reports and use customized software.

5.   Strong leadership skills, quick troubleshooting skills, decisiveness, sharp analytical and computer skills.

6.   Ability to interact and coordinate positively within & other departments in a direct and professional manner.

Primary Purpose of the Job

Supervise and control the operation of assigned units, implement daily instructions to meet the production targets and take appropriate decisions in the event of plant emergency. Provide support, leadership, and direction to his shift crew regarding daily operational activities.

Principal Accountabilities

1.   Supervise and control the activities of all assigned units, co-ordinate with Maintenance, laboratory and Safety & Fire personnel to accomplish the task.         Performs   supervisory   functions   at   the   level   established   by Management for the position. Implements the daily instructions to meet production targets.

2. Execute strategies, implement daily/standing instructions, expedite jobs, ensure plant runs smoothly, efficiently, safely, and profitably to meet Operations look-ahead objectives. Ensure crew follows all department and refinery policies and procedure.  Conduct daily safety and start of shift meetings with his crew. Set daily priorities for crew and follow up to ensure completion.

3.   Lead a team of operating personnel in shift.  Ensure all operating personnel of his shift crew are available. Utilizes available resources to reduce overtime generation. Prepare time sheets and unplanned overtime. Justifies overtime. Review the leave application of the subordinate based on the leave plan and forward to Operations Superintendent for approval. Arranges suitable cover should absenteeism occur.  Takeover shift from out going Shift Supervisor with details of any operational irregularities or changes made during previous shift. Hands over shift with completed supervisor logbook in   an   orderly   and   effective   manner   to   incoming   Shift   Supervisor highlighting what has changed, what has been done and what needs to be followed up on.

4.   Read   all   logs   and   instructions   from   previous   shift   and   all   future requirements with respect to production planning. Use RIS and LIMS to ensure conformity and to issue work permits. Communicate with shift controller, other area shift supervisors and panel operators to identify concerns.  Communicate with field personnel to ensure all identified concerns from the field are addressed; explain maintenance activities for the day and what is expected of them. Follow-up on maintenance activities and corrective actions for off-spec analysis.

5.   Shift supervisor is in-charge of his section in the shifts. He is responsible for handling all types of emergencies of his section which may include tripping  of  an  equipment,  gas  or  hydrocarbon  leak,  fire  and  natural calamities (like earthquake, typhoons, high wind etc). He is accountable for making an appropriate and prompt decision to save the corporation assets, "associated employees & neighboring residents lives" and ensuring on spec-production all the time.

6.   Attends daily shift meeting headed by shift controller. Put forward all the concerns related to safety, process and maintenance. Request for support required for urgent and must do jobs. Based on the status criticality, priorities are revaluated. Prepares daily summary reports.

7.   For any incident, fire, injury or accident (including motor vehicle) that happens during the shift, online safety incident reports are prepared. Ensures compliance by subordinate personnel with all safety and fire regulations, personal protective equipment as per the company's Refinery safety procedures, carryout weekly fire alarm testing, ensure good housekeeping in the units, ensure that flaring and slopping is minimized.

8.   Initiate maintenance requests / malfunction notifications in SAP for all routine, non-routine and emergency repairs. Monitor the progress of the maintenance work carried out on operating, shutdown and start up units. Approve work permits for maintenance related activities as per PTW (Permit to work) procedure. Play active role during Turnaround to safely handover the unit to maintenance, safely replace the catalyst of the reactors and safe start-up after completion.

9.   Takes predictive & corrective actions to avoid unit tripping / shutdown. Identifies day-to-day problems and suggests suitable solutions to Asst. Manager.  Use analytical trouble shooting skills to quickly and accurately pinpoint the source of the problem in order to minimize the negative consequences. Review operating data, trends, monitors general operational and maintenance activities, on a daily basis to pre-empt problems and to identify the process deviations, which can leads to product off-spec and equipment damage. Initiate corrective action to maintain the units at optimum level. Review laboratory daily results to ensure that products meet specifications. Ensure lab update is done on daily basis and informs the APC section if any problem is observed.

10. Train local developees and assist them to take independent charge. Prepare annual leave plan of the employees. Give feedback to Operations Superintendent of the high performing employees during annual performance rating review. Bring forward the difficulties faced by the shift crew and report to Operations superintendent / Asst. Manager.