Company: Grupo Epalmo
Skills: Logistics Management
Other Skills: Basic knowledge of security systems (access control, CCTV, detection-intrusion); Pack office software strong knowledge (Word, Excel, and Power Point).
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: Masters Degree
Location: Luanda, Angola

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Authorized to work in: Angola

Situation in organization

(surround the position described on the organization chart, where the position holder is located)

·         Position Title n+1 : Security Systems Coordinator

·         Position Title n+2 : Head of security Department (DHSAP/PRT)

Job dimensions

Within the perimeter of onshore and industrial base activities of Total EP Angola (TEPA), the position aims at ensuring the accesses (physical and logical) of all the collaborators and external people who may access the sites operated by TEPA. He will also be involved to assist in the management of security systems tasks (access control, CCTV, detection-intrusion).


·         HSE 

o    Respect and promote the HSE referential of the Affiliate within his perimeter of activities, especially with receptionists' team, especially with personnel in charge of security tasks.

·         Accesses management

Manage the security data bases

·         Control and update the security systems date bases;

                Physical accesses

·         Control the existence and the validity of accesses requests;

·         Issue the accesses badges for all staff, contractor and for reception;

·         Validate or do not validate the physical accesses;

·         Deliver the provisional passes;

·         Control and update the date bases;

·         Ensure the distribution of vehicles passes;

·         Cancel physical access rights.

                  Logical accesses:

·         Attribute authorized persons a PIN code;

·         Unlock the PIN  code;

·         Cancel the logical access rights after the end of the period;


·         Follow up the badges (issued and destroyed);

·         Carry out the stock inventory of the different types of badges;

·         Follow up the stock of material dedicated to the badge office (vehicles pass...);

·         In liaison with DHSAP /PRT /SIS, Implement the guidelines for the badge office.

·         Miscellaneous

·         Solve all the failure in the security systems and applications in coordination with the Security systems coordinator,

·         Assists with all access to site, badging, visitor control, access control, cameras and intrusion- detection systems




Context and environment

The personnel On Board of TEPA represents about 2000 people (300 expatriate staff, 350 families, 1150 local staff and 150 contracted staff). TEPA's oil production is located offshore (6 FPSOs) supported by an industrial base. The onshore perimeter is split into activities building, accommodation building, villas, training centers, storage locations and leisure sites.

The security division works on a permanent basis with the private security companies and in correlation with the government security forces (mainly the Angolan National Police).





 The objectives of the security department are to protect the assets (people, information and Facility of TEPA by setting up dedicated security measures and providing advice to Management in case of Security issues (crisis or not). The anticipation regarding security decisions to make and the proactive attitude of the security department members favor the continuity of TEPA's industrial activities.

Qualifications/Experience required

Ø   Qualifications

o    Post-secondary education.

o    Basic knowledge of security systems (access control, CCTV, detection-intrusion).

o    Pack office software strong knowledge (Word, Excel, and Power Point).

o    Ability to communicate and write in English or French.

Ø  Skills

o    Be self-motivated

o    Confidentiality and sense of diplomacy;

o    Ability to work in a team;

o    Ability to communicate with the staff.

o    Pragmatic in their approach to problem solving



With 18 years of activity around the world, Grupo Epalmo, based in Porto, Portugal, is acknowledged in its own country and in the international markets for its competence, accuracy, professionalism and perseverance, being one of the major business groups experienced in Human Resources, Temporary Work, Professional Training, Consulting, Construction and Industrial Maintenance.


Grupo Epalmo has always followed a business dynamic focused on both clients and collaborators, and though mainly directed on the Energy, Industrial and Construction areas, it has been increasing its investments regarding the conquering of new and ambitious goals and markets.


Based always on a spirit of professionalism and supported by a technical and theoretical know-how, Grupo Epalmo, and its highly qualified and motivated teams, is the first to provide services with the aspiration to best serve the clients’ demands, with dedication and consideration.


Operating in more than 20 countries, including Angola, we provide our teams and specialists, for operators in the international energy sector, from Oil & Gas and industrial maintenance, to nuclear and construction.


Grupo Epalmo, Headquarters;

Rua S. Lourenco 12 1 Sala 1 e 6
Apartado 1120
4446 – 909 Ermesinde – Portugal
Tel: (+351) 229 773 650
Fax: (+351) 229 733 544


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