Company: BP
Skills: IT - Software Development
Education: High School/Secondary
Employment Type: Full Time Contractor
Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

The DevOps Engineer will play a lead role defining delivery methodology for the Business Process Automation service line. This role will work closely with enterprise architects, controllers, and security teams to design and implement automated tools to support the rapid, secure deployment of bots and automation solutions to business users.The ideal candidate must have a drive to innovate, a relentless focus on efficiency, and enjoy stepping outside their area of expertise. This is a multidisciplinary position that will require working with teams across the IT&S landscape. A team-oriented mindset and communication skills will be essential to driving alignment on methodology and tools.Candidates must have a strong background in DevOps and enterprise architecture, with experience in pipeline management and automated build/test/deploy systems. Deep understanding of digital security concepts is also critical.Development experience is essential, but skill in specific languages is less important than an exceptional ability to learn and openness to new tools. Background may include web, Python, PowerShell, RPA, .NET, or scripting..
  • Serve as the team's key SME in in pipeline management, solution governance, and build/test/deploy processes
  • Collaborate with database architects, digital security, enterprise architecture, and controllers to define delivery processes that align with enterprise policies
  • Build, configure and implement tools to support continuous integration, governance, and audit capabilities for automation solutions
  • Capability to effectively communicate and gain buy-in from business and tech leads on methodology
  • Develop, document and maintain custom scripts and applications when necessary
  • Collaborate with developers to identify and quantify bottlenecks in the delivery process and propose solutions
  • Work closely with digital security, application owners, and architects to implement robust governance and audit processes for automation solutions
  • Provide input on automation projects to help identify the best solution and estimate delivery complexity
  • Serve as the team's SME in enterprise architecture and digital security