Company: BP
Skills: Business Development, Production Technologist
Education: Associates/2 yr Degree/Diploma
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Sunbury, United Kingdom
No location/work authorization restrictions found.

As one of the GWO 2.0 Workstreams, the goal of Optimized Production is to increase productivity and well reliability. This goal is delivered through the culmination of three key objectives:• Design of More Reliable Wells• Prevention of Wells from Breaking• Repair of Breakdowns FasterThe basis of Optimized Production is to deliver these goals through digitising existing data & processes and then delivering insights through deep analysis of the data. Individual Product Owners are assigned to individual work flows. The role of the overall Product Owner is both to define the overall vision and development strategy and to ensure that the individual Product Owners remain aligned to that vision.For some work flows the overall Product Owner might also act as an individual Product Owner.The overall Product Owner is likely to have a Well Engineering background with strong digital awareness and skills.
  • Develop and deliver the strategy
    • Engage key stakeholders, including regional GWO teams, GWO Global Solutions and Res Dev to understand their value drivers and requirements.
    • Develop a vision of how Optimized Production will provide value.
    • Define an execution strategy to deliver.
    • Maintain dialogue with the stakeholders to ensure the strategy remains aligned with the business needs.
    • Engage with GWO LT, both regional and Global Solutions, to maintain visibility and momentum.
  • Delivery of major workflows
    • Develop and maintain a release roadmap and coordinate work to ensure timely delivery
    • Prioritize the backlog of development of multiple products within the programme, based on multiple factors - value, dependencies, readiness, etc.
  • Knowledge and implementation of digital and agile tools and processes
    • Understanding of agile process and scrum framework to quickly deliver value to customers and continue to incrementally deliver value
    • Have a basic understanding of development techniques and digital solutions to identify opportunities and dependencies
    • Have a basic understanding of analytical capabilities (e.g. basic BI, machine learning, AI) to appreciate how this should inform development approach to be able to unlock in the future
  • Provide leadership within Production Optimisation
    • Ability to communicate and articulate value drivers to development teams such that they understand how best to deliver and trust in their ability to do so
    • Understand the value of a common data model and reinforce its utilization in all products within the program
    • Coach team members to understand the overall vision and support their development (both personal and product)
    • Challenge existing work processes in support of more automated and systematic activity
  • Individual Product Owner specific
    • Develop a product vision for delivering value and ensure that it aligns with overall program vision
    • Maintain a product backlog (feature requests, bugs, etc.) and prioritize accordingly for delivery
    • Product Owner has the sole responsibility of defining product backlog priority and therefore must be decisive and must be able to assertively communicate to stakeholders
    • Ability to clearly communicate product backlog to development team to enable them to deliver
    • Regularly engage product stakeholders (customers) to ensure product is delivering expected value and reaffirm assumptions
    • Ability to acknowledge incorrect assumptions and be able to quickly pivot
Essential Education: Degree in a relevant subject i.e. either Engineering, Maths or Physics (if coming from the oilfield side) or Computer Science, Data Science (or similar) if coming from IT side.

Desirable Criteria:
  • Generates new ideas, identifies trends or patterns based on previous experiences, and recognizes and acts on opportunities.
  • Has the confidence to challenge fixed assumptions.
  • Able to identify and solve non routine problems in own or other disciplines, and able to recognize when consultation is needed.
  • Understands the role of the team and how to contribute to the success of the business.
  • Seeks to understand what people are saying. Listens well and is attentive to emotional cues.
  • Through day-to-day work develops co-operative relationships with key contacts essential to get the job done.
  • Selects and uses best method of communication to ensure common understanding.
  • Steps forward to lead as needed, regardless of position.