Company: Transocean
Skills: Subsea Engineer, Project Engineer, Subsea Engineering
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Houston, Texas, United States
No location/work authorization restrictions found.

Operations Group
Transocean is focused on being the employer of choice for the drilling industry.
We are challenging ourselves every day to push the performance of the company through technological advances and passion for our work.

Job Summary
Responsible to plan scope of work and oversee the build of 20K BOPs, drilling well control equipment and related subsea systems work packs for all assigned shipyard projects.
Job Description

  • Provide oversight to the engineering for the Design of a 20K BOP. Work closely with Project Management and Subsea engineering group and advise of any Issue. Ensure all Technical requirements are maintained. Advise management on BOP Vendor Performance and Schedule.
  • Plan, conduct surveys, collect information to develop scopes of work, budget and schedule related to BOP, well control equipment and subsea systems for shipyard projects.
  • Maintain dialog and interface with BOP and related Subsea systems technical community including Engineering, Field Support, etc.
  • Develop and maintain a strong working relationship with Operation teams relevant to the assigned projects.
  • Develop and maintain good working relations with vendors, OEM and workshop. Plan and monitor equipment repair in the appropriate workshop, coordinate, track progress for repair and equipment delivery and ensure that work and equipment are delivered and tested in accordance with the design criteria, class rules, and governmental regulations, Company policies, customer expectation and standards and contract requirements.
  • Ensure appropriate documentation and certification package is delivered.
  • Prepare tender and issue RFQ to vendors to procure new equipment and spare parts in accordance with Company policies. Issue Technical Specifications to the Supply Chain Dept.
  • Attend, actively participate and facilitate as requested by the Project Manager. Actively participate in Project Group meetings.
  • Prepare work scopes and work packs in accordance with the Contract
  • Follow up on assigned actions within set and agreed time lines.

  • Ensure correct paperwork/documentation is in place for the task to be undertaken and completed at end of task.
  • M a i nta i n a s a f e area at w or k s i te for the re l e v a n t ta s k a ss i g n e d . ( E G: E n s ure b a rr i er s , s i g ns a n d a n y protecti v e m e a sures / PP E are i n p l ace for t a sk at h a n d )
  • E ns u re a l l s a fety me a su r es are us e d d uri n g w o r k acti v i t i es and ass i st i n m a i nta i n i ng s a fety i t e m s , mat e r i a l s a n d e q u i p me n t i n pro p e r w o r k i ng co n d i t i o n .
  • Participate in Emergency Drills.
  • Participate in Safety and Pre-Tour or Project Meetings as required.
  • Participate in THINK Planning and START process with crews
E DU C A T IO N : Fo r m al t e c h n i c al or e n gin e eri n g train i n g o r e n g i n e eri n g d e gree B . S . o r M . S . i n E n g i n e e r i ng or applicable industry experience.

E X P ERI E N C E : Minimum 10 y e a r s ' work exp e r i e nce w i th d r i l l i ng i n d u s t r y a nd subsea d i sc i p l in e.

S KILLS : De m o n s trate exp e rt i s e i n t h e d e si g n a ted d i sci pl i ne w i t h m a n a g e m e n t a nd p l a n n i ng ca p a b i l i t y .

  • Comprehensive experience in engineering, inspection and maintenance of well control equipment and widespread installation and commissioning experience for new and refurbished BOP's and related well control equipment including BOP hydraulics controls, software control, marine risers, riser-tensioning systems, motion compensation systems and BOP/production tree control systems. Also familiar Project in drilling industry and oilfield equipment, work experience with drilling rig and intimate familiarity with applicable codes and regulations (API, class...) related to the discipline and planning.
  • T he p o s i t i on r e q ui r es t h e i n di v i d u a l to travel domestically and Internationally including visiting Rigs in the GOM
  • Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates.

BUDG E T S : V alue of e q u i p m e n t o r s y s t em sp e c i f i ed f or pro j ects: $ 0 - $ 90 M

A ble to pr i ori ti z e a n d m a n a g e d a i l y s i t u atio n s re l a ted t o p rojects. M u s t be s e l f - m o t i v at e d a n d p os s ess s u p er i o r s k ill s to c o o rd i n ate pro j ect act iv i t i es, i d e n t i f y a n d s ol v e u n usu a l pro b l e m s as s oc i at e d w i th t he as s i g n e d pro j ect a nd s a f e t y . H a s to h a v e t he a bi li t y to e n s ure th a t all asp e c ts of a prob l em are u n d e r s to o d a nd e f f ect iv el y m a n a g e d w i t h i n t h e reco mm e n d e d s o l u t i o n. M u s t be a ble to p e r f orm w i th a se nse of urg e n c y , a n d h i g h est et h i c al s t a n d a rds w i t h o ut s acr i f i c i ng ac c ura c y a n d p r o f es s i o n al e n g i n e e r i ng pra c t i c es.

A c ts i n d e p e n d e n t l y t o re a c h s o u nd tech n i c al d ec i s i on s c o n c ern i ng s tructural i n t e g r i t y a n d d et a il s of r i gs. E v a l u at e s a n d reco m m e n ds f or m a n a g e r ' s a p pr o v a l a l l ac t i o n s wh i c h ha v e s i g n i f i ca nt f i n a nc i al i m p a c t or o p e ratio n al c o n s e q u e nces.

  • H S E E ss e n t i a l s
  • S T A R T : Tra n s oce a n o nl i ne tra i n i n g : RIGC e ntr a l / H R /T r a i ning / O J T > I L S I nt e gra t ed L e a rning S olutio n s
Gene r al:
  • G M S - o n li n e t r a i ning
  • ICS / R M S i nt e r n al tr a i n i ng
  • T OP SE T IN V E S T I G A T I O N: T ra n s oce a n o nl i n e t r a i nin g : RIG C e n tr a l / H R/ T ra i n i n g / O J T > I L S In t e g r a ted L e a r n i n g Soluti o ns
Financ e :
  • A P T - A ss et Pl a n n i ng T o o l - i nt e rn a l tr a i n i ng

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