Company: Focus Energy Ltd
Skills: Drilling Consultant, Drilling Engineering
Experience: 15 + Years
Education: Some College
Employment Type: Full Time Salaried Employee
Location: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India
No location/work authorization restrictions found.

We at Focus Energy  have 10 mechanical kelly driven 1500HP rigs (with no top drive) and two 1300 HP mud pumps in each. Capable of 1650 liter per minute ( 1.65 cube) = 450 gpm. We are only drilling vertical holes upto 4700 meters. Drill first section upto 800m (1000') with 12 1/4" bit. Second section with 8 1/2" bit upto 3000m (10,000') and third section upto 4700m (15,000') with 6" pdc drill bit. There is no H2S but bottom hole temperature is 187C= 350F.
So far we have drilled 143 wells and we have to   drill another 450 wells. These are gas wells. There is no oil.
We are looking to hire a consultant or a mentor who will guide our drillers on how to drill a straight hole with  faster ROP.
We have purchased mud motors and MWD   kit but we dont know the relationship between high speed and low torque OR low speed and high torque mud motors AND the relationship between pressure differential and WOB. As a result when we use mud motors we drill faster but our holes are not straight. So we are looking for guidance on how to use mud motors without   MWD to drill straight holes.   We cant afford to put 10 MWD kits in 10 rigs so simple tricks on how to drill faster BUT STRAIGHT holes with mud motors without MWD. Please tell us if you have done this before and where. We want to drill faster straight vertical wells with mud motor but without the MWD. Can you do it ??
We will give you a free hand to suggest
a-What bit to use
b-What BHA to put slim or pendulum or other
c-What drilling parameters to set WOB/RPM
d-Drilling practise of reaming/wiper/sweep etc
Please suggest how familiar are you with mud systems and which mud systems from your experience will be good for us to drill VERTICAL holes with bottom hole static temperature BHST = 350F = 180C



a- KCL polymer mud with polymer

b- Brine saturated mud

c- Formate mud

d- Any other water based mud you can we CAN NOT USE OIL BASED MUD

Once we understand how to drill proper vertical wells the company has intention to purchase RSS (Rotary Steering System ) to drill extended reach horizontal wells. And the company is purchasing two new rigs with top drive which will reach the drilling location in January

Please send us your detailed cv or suggest someone who may be interested.



Let us know your preferred duty pattern 28/28 or 35/35 or longer

Expected Day rate
Earliest availability
Skype ID in case you want to have a face to face discussion to clarify points