Company: COSL
Skills: Chemical Engineering, Fracturing
Other Skills: fracture, petroleum, chemistry, chemical engineering.
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Hebei, China
No location/work authorization restrictions found.

A reputed Oil & Gas company is seeking for highly experienced Facturing Filling and Sand Control Engineer for Well Chemical R&D Institute in China.


Their responsibility is to ensure operation is done safely and efficiently with respect for the environment.


Job Description Summary:

1) The relevant major of fracture, petroleum, chemistry, chemical engineering;

2)Grasp the common application methods of water-based fracturing fluid, oil-based fracturing fluid, emulsus fracturing fluid, foam fracturing fluid and acid group fracturing fluid in the petroleum industry;

3) understand the nature, usage and screening method of different ceramsites;

4) Familiar with the working principle of fracturing pump vehicle and fracturing blender truck;

5)Familiar with the fracturing filling technology and working procedure of petroleum industry, and have the actual work experience, can analyze the formation pressure accurately, confirm the construction procedure;

6) Grasp the basic technology of fracturing filling design and fracturing liquid design;

7) Grasp the optimal selection method of sand prevention way and sand prevention accuracy;

8) Familiar with the reservoir reform, especially the sand fracturing technology process;

9) have good site coordination and communication ability, can cope with the emergencies in the fracturing filling construction;

10) Have strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities;

11) Can adapt business travel and the working environment of offshore platform operation.


For College degree or above:

10 years or above in the same industry