Company: COSL
Skills: Research & Development
Other Skills: drilling radioactive nucleus logging, R&D Engineer
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Location: Hebei, China
No location/work authorization restrictions found.

A reputed Oil & Gas company is seeking for highly experienced R&D Engineer for Radioactive Logging while Drilling for Well Chemical R&D Institute in China.


Their responsibility is to ensure operation is done safely and efficiently with respect for the environment.


Job Description Summary:

1.Take in charge of the technical development of while drilling radioactive nucleus logging major (including controllable source), host all the technical research and management work of this major, take in charge of putting forward the annual technical development planning and business construction target of the major, control the existing technology and the future development direction of this major.

2. Take in charge of the scientific research and the technical project demonstration, investigation and technical control of the related radioactive nucleus logging major in critical production and research projects. Solve the existing problems about radioactive nucleus logging technology, control the scientific research and the industrialization instrument quality;

3. Examine and approve the proposal, technical scheme and the relevant working plan of the relevant major projects of radioactive nucleus logging major;

4. Organize and implement the relevant research work based on the radioactive nucleus logging technology, and cultivate the relevant research and development team; have the external resource integration ability of the domestic and foreign radioactive nucleus logging technology.

5. Take in charge of organizing the enterprise standardization work and industry standardization work of radioactive nucleus logging major.


For Bachelors or Above:

10 years or above in the same industry