Company: North Oil Company
Skills: Business Analyst
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Masters Degree
Location: Doha, Qatar
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This is a permanent and residential position based in the NOC Head Office. A tax free salary and comprehensive benefits package with family status, educational assistance and relocation is on offer for the right candidate.


Scope of Work




Design, develop, implement, exercise and improve of the overall enterprise-wide risk management and business continuity management systems. Provide risk and business continuity management trainings to foster the overall business resilience culture in NOC.


Job Dimensions


The position is defined through the Corporate Planning and Development Department organizational charter, the NOC's functional charters, and processes in which management of risks is mentioned.


Stakes and resources for which the position is responsible or contributing:

Management of risk (threats and opportunities) on the enterprise-wide level to support the company to successfully achieve its strategic, tactical and operational objectives, and do it in a timely manner

Provide organizational business survival by development, implementation and exercising strategic, tactical and operational threat response plans to successfully respond to business disruptions and restore company's processes within a predefined time.




Enterprise-Wide Risk Management System (ERM)


Develop, implement and improve of methodological risk management documents, that include risk management framework, risk management procedure and risk management work flow.

Assist of risk owners in developing and implementing of risk treatment techniques, that include risk avoidance, risk prevention and reduction, risk transferring, risk retaining and risk exploiting (for business opportunities).

Assist of risk owners in monitoring of effectiveness and efficiency of the overall risk management system along with re-evaluation of risk appetite, risk criteria and alignment with international risk management standards and practices.

Communication and collaboration with Internal Audit in terms of support in implementation of controls, support in carrying out internal audit work.


Enterprise-Wide Business Continuity Management System (BCM)

Develop, implement and improve of methodological BCM documents, that include BCM framework, BCM procedure, BCM workflow and BCM strategies.

Assist of activity owners in computing minimum business continuity objectives, maximum tolerable period of disruption, recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives.

Assist of activity owners in developing initial business continuity requirements and determining business continuity management strategy.

Assist of activity owners in developing and implementing business continuity strategies, tactical and operational threats response and business recovery plans.

Exercising, maintaining and reviewing the strategic, tactical and operational threat response and business recovery plans with their further monitoring and improvements. Conducting educational BCM awareness sessions, training courses and informational meetings.


Optimization of Insurance (Non-Insurance) Programs


Assist of insurance and risk management advisor in selecting the most applicable risk financing plans.

Assistance in estimation of hazard risks that is based on the calculated expected losses, applied increased limit factors and volatility of hazard losses.

Assistance in evaluation of applicability different types of risk insurance programs, such as self-insurance, retrospective rating plans, reinsurance, captive insurance, contractual risk transfer (non-insurance hold-harmless agreements), financial risk transfers.

Assistance in allocating costs of managing hazard risks, that includes improved prospective and retrospective cost allocation, loss adjustments.


Profile Required


Master's degree in Engineering, Business Studies or equivalent university education from a reputable university or school.


Additional "narrow-focused" educations:

Enterprise-wide risk management certificate or diploma

Business continuity management certificate or diploma

Basic knowledge in risk financing (insurance and non-insurance risk transfers)


Relevant practical experience of at least 10 years in enterprise-wide risk management and 5 years in business continuity management preferably in Oil & Gas, Engineering or construction sector.

Technical competencies in designing, developing and implementing of overall ERM and BCM frameworks and processes from scratch. Proven records of successful implementation of the ERM and NCM systems. Practical experience in facilitating meetings and workshops.


Applied knowledge and experience in specialized risk and business continuity management software, mathematical tools and methods for risk computing, risk forecasting and evaluation.