Company: OCB Oilfield Services
Skills: OIM, Toolpusher
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Salary: Competitive
Location: Doha, Qatar

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Located in region: Europe

The Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) / Senior Toolpusher is the person appointed by the owner of the drilling unit to have overall charge and responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of all persons onboard and all activities conducted thereon and within 500 metres of the installation. As such the OIM is fully authorised and obliged to take whatever actions they consider are necessary to prevent injury, loss of life, damage to equipment/structure and/or loss of drilling integrity.
The OIM manages the rig by establishing goals and objectives (consistent with the Company's Integrated Management System (IMS)) in pursuit of satisfying the requirements of both the client and shore based management. Manage the following key areas either directly or indirectly through designated department head supervisors.
- Safety
- Environment
- Rig Management
- Operations
- Personnel and training
- Information
- Regulatory compliance
- Budget management
Irrespective of any other requirements, the primary focus of the OIM / Senior Toolpusher is to manage the overall operation through planning, organising, leading, and controlling. To this end, the OIM / Senior Toolpusher establishes and maintains the devises necessary to remain informed of rig activities and take such measures as necessary to ensure the safe and efficient execution of those activities.

The OIM / Senior Toolpusher shall:
Display a personal commitment to Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (QHSSE) objectives and maintain a positive QHSSE culture by personal leadership and example that holds all employees accountable.
In accordance with Northern Offshores QHSSE Policy Statement (CG-POL-001) be empowered to "STOP THE JOB" if it is thought QHSSE core values are being compromised.
Establish and maintain a commitment to continual improvement in Northern Offshores operations and performance, utilising and complying with the Integrated Management System's policies, procedures, and processes.
Adhere to relevant procedures and processes to meet Northern Offshores requirements regarding risk identification, risk assessment, risk elimination, risk minimisation and risk control.
Use Northern Offshores behaviour-based safety programme (C.A.R.E.S - Continually Assessing Risk Ensuring Safety).
Report all injuries, illnesses, damages to equipment and unplanned releases to air, water and / or deck as soon as possible to the Rig Manager. Full OIM roles and responsibilities are contained within Procedure QUA-025 OIM Responsibility and Authority.
Preferred previous experience as Toolpusher or Senior Toolpusher with experience in drilling operations, equipment, and procedures.
Must successfully satisfy all Company, regulatory and client training certification as per rig specific training matrix.
Adhere to Northern Offshores Competency Development Programme.
Working safely is a condition of employment at all Northern Offshore work locations.

- Implement and promote company policies / procedures and all aspects of health and safety and ensure all policies / procedures are adhered to by all personnel onboard.
- Respond, control and react accordingly to any onsite emergency.
- Overall command during emergency and control of response teams.
- Manage all rig operations, directly or indirectly, through key supervisors, in accordance with company / client procedures.
- Provide leadership and direction to ensure that the activities and focus of all departments are effectively managed and coordinated, provide direct supervision, and coaching where necessary.
- Maintain discipline in all matters effecting the health, safety and welfare of all persons on the installation.
- Ensure all legal and regulatory documents, certificates, inspection and regulatory tasks are maintained, current and valid, or that the appropriate measures are affected to achieve timely compliance.
- Ensure all 3rd party personnel / equipment on the rig are in possession of all required current documentation and certification and that equipment is appropriate for its location and purpose on the rig.
- Ensure that all company policies are fully implemented and complied with by all persons on the installation.
- Conduct disciplinary and grievance hearings as per Northern Offshore procedures.
- Conduct regular inspections and audits of the rig to ensure that all areas and activities remain in compliance with the Company's Policy and Procedures manuals and / or other applicable standards.
- Coordinate the Company's preventative Maintenance Programmes in area of responsibility.
- Supervise/conduct/delegate regular performance evaluations of personnel.
- Establish and maintain constituencies for the nomination and election of safety representatives, chair meetings of the safety committee and reports to the designated onshore rig management and / or replies to issues raised by safety representatives.

Ensure the various levels of safety meetings are conducted in line with established safety manuals and that safety comments and concerns raised therein are relayed to onshore management.
- Person In Charge (PIC) for approving all work related to drilling activities.
- Overall responsibility for all Company paperwork including (but not limited to) IADC Logs, Daily Reports, certification relating to drilling operations and equipment.
- Direct and manage drill crews in all aspects of drilling operations and well associated activities.
- Plan and liaise drilling programme with Rig Manager / Toolpusher / Driller / Company representative.
- Review well programme and look ahead to enable forward planning.
- Must have a comprehensive understanding of the Company's Well Control Manual and Well Control Procedures i.e. detecting, control and recovery.
- Know and properly execute emergency signals, procedures and responsibilities in accordance with station bill as directed.
- Know rig abandonment procedures, location and use of fire alarms, render assistance with personal qualifications in case of personal injury in an emergency
- Manage the maintenance, certification, and integrity of drilling equipment.
- Ensure compliance and cost control relating to approved budgets.
- Report all equipment defects to relevant department.
- Review all Operational / Technical Bulletins and implement all directives as required.
- Review, manage and implement IMS and well control manual.
- Supervise investigation of incidents.
- Participate in Safety meetings, Tool Box Talks, safety drills and inspections.
- Perform any other duties as directed by supervisor(s).


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