Company: TH1llc
Skills: Barge Master, Captain / Master, Dynamic Positioning
Other Skills: Offshore Installation Manager, dynamic positioning systems, OIM
Experience: 8 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Contractor
Location: Houston, Texas, United States

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Located in region: North America

Experienced Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) needed able to act in the capacity of a Ships Captain Expert in the delivery of maritime courseware (Dynamic Position systems and all things related to offshore oil vessels from a Captain's perspective). Must be OIM or former ships captain in the drilling industry.

Ideal Qualifications - 1) Experience working as a Sr DPO with unlimited DP Certification - vessel type not critical - Drilling Preferred. 2) Sr DPO for at least 2 years or 8 years if not a Captain. 3) Captain (OIM endorsement preferred w/Drilling experience); 4) Experience with Kongsberg Systems.

Area of responsibility

  • Responsibility for all faculties in Company Training in Houston.
  • Responsible for optimum utilisation of all resources in faculties.
  • Ensure maintenance of operating equipment used by faculties.
  • Ensure that faculties at all levels operate according to Company Training standards and directives.
  • Act as project manager and coordinator for specific projects.
  • Ensure that all procedures in the Operations Department are sufficiently described.
  • Secure department profitability by efficient utilisation of the resources within the department.
  • Technical support for the sales and marketing function.
  • Ensure timely update and upgrade of the departments course portfolio, documentation, equipment, simulators, course descriptions etc.
  • Support a commercial marketing of Company Training Houston to relevant customers.
  • Maintain and extend a professional contact with national and international education centers, affiliated companies and authorities.
  • Ensure proper maintenance and upgrade of training equipment and simulators within the department.
  • Be responsible for the professional and personal development of the instructors within the department.
  • Recommend the expansion or reduction of staff in relation to the planned activity level.
  • Establish and maintain high quality external consultant network.
  • Develop and conduct high quality courses
  • Develop function through planning, coordination and manage staff, including performance appraisal (PA).


  • Take initiative for proper and timely action in all aspects of the area of responsibility.
  • Make suggestions for improvements and cost savings.
  • Ensure that in all matters - prior to decision - an economical and business like assessment and evaluation is made to ensure that all work is carried out with the utmost efficiency and the best economical result.
  • Render a good professional service to all customers.
  • Ensure that established quality parameters are fulfilled.
  • Ensure relevant flow of information to management and to other relevant parties takes place.
  • Prepare work procedures/instructions and work routines.