Company: Carlton Resource Solutions
Skills: Refinery Specialist
Other Skills: Process, Engineering, Management, Plant Operations Engineer, Refinery Staff, Refinery / Plant Operator, Refinery, Plant, Petrochemical, Downstream, Production, process engineering, Technical, Technical Authority, Refining, Capital Project, Project Management, Quality, QA, QC
Experience: 10 + Years
Education: Masters Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Contractor
Salary: €8,000 - 10,000 per month
Location: Romania

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Located in region: Europe

  • III Job Scope:
  • The TA is the authority and owns the responsibility and accountability to establish, approve and maintain technical requirements, processes and policies based on the overall strategy on codes, standards, best practice and technical objectives of a program / project for a defined technical discipline. This is delegated to the TA by the EA.
  • The TA owns within his discipline the decision on what is technically acceptable in matters involving safe and reliable operations. The TA is therefore entrusted and empowered to make technically sound decisions.
  • The TA is within his discipline the top technical competence and acts as the "technical conscience" and is the technical consistency driver for the owners' company. The TA is responsible for technical consistency throughout the entire Organisation.
  • The TA is within his discipline the linking pin for the global Organisation as well as for different projects within a site specific overall program. The TA is the single point of contact for technical matters regarding his technical discipline. These technical matters include:

Technical requirements

  • Approval or waiving of deviations to codes, standards, best practice and other technical requirements
  • Preparation of technical input for decision making and other activities such as procurement activities (e.g. Project Supply Plans)
  • Definition of technical requirements for contractors (hardware and personnel skills)
  • The TA interfaces with the science and technology community outside the community.


  • IV Main Accountabilities:


  • General principals:


  • Depending on the requirements of a program / project the tasks for the TA can be split in up to 3 levels.


  • This function description is valid for:
  • The TA-Level 1 (Technical Authority, "Senior Experts") within his specific discipline and experience
  • The TA-Level 2 (i.e. the engineering management / the respective discipline lead engineers within a program. The TA - Level 2 is coordinated by TA-Level 1.
  • The TA-Level 3 (i.e. the respective discipline engineer within a single project). The TA-Level 3 is coordinated by TA-Level 2.
  • The TA Level 1 is responsible for the written delegation of individual roles & responsibilities to the TA Level 2 and 3 in his discipline for a program / project.
  • The TA is accountable for technical decisions
  • Makes unbiased, independent technical decisions
  • Uses sound technical rationale
  • Makes clear and unambiguous decisions
  • Addresses risks, alternatives and trade-offs as appropriate
  • Complies with higher tier requirements. Where necessary consultation with higher authority is sought.
  • The TA ensures within his discipline that equipment / products are capable of safe, reliable as well as operations and are in conformance with technical policy, standards and requirements.
  • Maintaining the function and value of civilian buildings in the refinery and reservoir park
  • Ensure the integrity and availability of civilian buildings through efficient inspection and risk-based planning of risk mitigation measures and also through a continuous improvement process, increased efficiency, optimization and process development.
  • Implementation of a common unified operating philosophy in the field of civil engineering in the refinery and in the reservoir park
  • Obtaining the permits and authorizations provided by the law for the execution of the construction works


  • Planning and forecasting duties:


  • Efficient planning, monitoring, verification and acceptance of civil and industrial construction works in terms of quality
  • Ensure and maintain the availability and maintenance value of constructions, roads, other civil constructions in the refinery and in the storage tanks area;
  • Monitor and control the function of mentoring of all buildings and other civil structures in the refinery and the reservoir park
  • Optimize the availability and continuous improvement of civil structures
  • Coordinates and controls the use of existing internal expertise and staff resources (general revisions, technical solutions, complaints management)
  • Monitor and control the execution of the work according to valid process descriptions, according to the best practice standards and risk-based processes and tools
  • • Participates in the elaboration of the budget for the civil construction activity using reference elements and the risk-based budgeting, ensures the annual budget approved by the appropriate planning of the construction works
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant legal requirements and internal rules in the field of civil engineering
  • Ensures the management of the civil construction contract
  • Implements an active partnership for performance contractor management
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement in the area of responsibility, prepares proposals for their implementation.
  • It is responsible for carrying out in good time the maintenance and repair works, as stipulated by the legal norms in the technical book of the construction and resulting from the activity of tracking the behavior of the constructions in time;
  • Preserves and completes the technical building card in accordance with the legislation in the field;
  • Keep and complete the Event Log in accordance with the legislation and procedures in force;
  • It is responsible for tracking the construction behavior in time according to the provisions of the technical book and technical regulations;
  • Organize and coordinate reconstruction, consolidation, transformation, expansion, partial dismantling and repair works, as the case may be, only on the basis of projects drawn up by natural or legal persons authorized and verified according to the law;
  • Planning, organizing and coordinating the execution of the interventions on constructions, imposed by the legal regulations;
  • Responsible for obtaining the agreements and approvals provided by the law, as well as the building permit related to the construction works that require these documents;
  • It is responsible for checking the correct execution of construction works;
  • It acts in order to solve the non-conformities, defects during the execution of the works, as well as the deficiencies of the projects;
  • Organization:


Organizes the development of the construction works according to the distributed projects


  • Coordination:


  • Coordination and verification of the construction works by the contractors in order to observe the planned start and end dates and the allocation of the allocated resources.


  • Reporting: Department Manager


  • Reports the data corresponding to the attributions and liabilities defined in the full job description, correctly and in accordance with the established terms
  • Reporting of all relevant events and main indicators concerning the project and integrity of the civil construction


  • HSE duties:
  • To assign and observe the lawful provisions in the labor security and health field, fire protection and civil protection and their application measures;
  • To use the machinery, instrumentation and the other endowments of the current activity and protection, according to technical instructions;
  • Not to act for the decommissioning, modification, change or arbitrary removal of security devices of the building where she develops her activity;
  • To immediately communicate the employer and/ or the appointed workers any situation about which they have strong reasons to consider a danger for the workers' security and health, as well as any deficiency of protection systems;
  • To acknowledge the manager of the place of work and/or the employer the accidents suffered by himself/ herself;
  • To cooperate with the employer and/ or with the appointed workers, to make possible the issuance of any measures or requirements decided by law or by the profile authorities;
  • To cooperate with the employer and/ or the profile authorities to allow a labor environment and conditions of work without risks for security and health;
  • To act in accordance with the procedures established at the place of work, in the case of occurrence of any imminent fire danger or another emergency situation;
  • To provide all data and information she knows about to the authorized persons, regarding the labor accidents and/ or fires.
  • Observes and performs the activities according to the provisions of SMI documents applicable to the job description (e.g. policy, directives, Refinery Division standards, handbooks, decisions, plans/ programs, procedures, guides, regulations, instructions and applicable external documents);
  • Observes the legal requirements and other requirements applicable for the environment protection, labor health and security field, of the machinery against fires (e.g. authorizations, environment programs, environment emergency plans, prevention and protection plans, measures upon the controls issued by the authorities or by the authorized positions);
  • Uses, maintains and correctly handles the labor facilities/ equipments, the equipments for the fire protection, labor security and individual protection equipment;
  • immediately informs the superior manager about any circumstance she considers as a danger to environment, health and security or any labor, environment and technical incident happened at the place of work;
  • Informs the hierarchical manager on the accidents suffered by herself/ himself during work, on the normal route to/ from the place of work and the accidents on a transport facility belonging to the company;
  • Issues amendments, technological changes without applying the regulations in force regarding the amendment management.
  • To the above mentioned responsibilities it is possible that some others (related to the job will be added by your Line Manager, if business will require. In case the changes in the job content are significant a new job description will be prepared by your Line Manager
  • V Delegation:
  • The job holder can delegate their duties only with approval of respective beneficiary manager..
  • VI Job Requirements:
  • Graduate of long term university education ( Master / Diploma)
  • University degree, preferably in material science, process engineering, chemical or mechanical engineering or industrial engineering and management.
  • Professional experience 10 years
  • Experience and education in non-destructive testing, risk management and integrated management systems
  • Strong execution skills, interaction and maximize profit
  • Specific knowledge in the IT field (MS Office and SAP PM)
  • English language knowledge advanced level
  • VII Success Criteria:
  • fulfillment of the goals established in the Integrate management program
  • Personal initiative for the permanent improvement of individual performance
  • Accuracy and timeliness in the works
  • Meeting technical requirements of the project
  • Meeting deadlines according to project schedule and milestones
  • Improve performance of proiect by easy acces and availability of accurate data



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