Company: Carlton Resource Solutions
Skills: Plant Operations Engineer, Refinery / Plant Operator, Refinery Specialist
Other Skills: Plant Operations Engineer, Refinery Staff, Refinery / Plant Operator, Refinery, Plant, Petrochemical, Downstream, Production, process engineering, Refining, Capital Project
Experience: 5 + Years
Education: Bachelors/3-5 yr Degree
Employment Type: Full Time Contractor
Salary: €8,000 - 10,000 per month
Location: Romania

In order to apply for this position, applicants MUST meet the following criteria. If your resume does not match these criteria, you will not be able to apply for this position.

Located in region: Europe

III Job Scope:

  • Development of projects for the refining business to ensure long term commercial viability in competitive conditions.
  • Conversion of defined targets in corresponding projects.
  • Overall responsibility for investment projects within the BU Refining & Petrochemicals according to the ADM (Asset Development Manager) function described in the Capital Project Management Directive GT-M 001 about the total project cycle.


IV Main Accountabilities:

  • Apprehension of the ADM (Asset Development Manager) function according to Capital Project Management Directive GT 001 M during investment projects for the area Refining & Petrochemicals throughout the project cycle up to handover to the operator. Consideration of the technical, economic and safety framework requirements while maintaining the required quality, the timely implementation, the applicable laws, authority regulations as well as internal framework requirements.
  • Ensuring the economic basis for investment projects in Refining & Petrochemicals through economic assessment of the project initiatives submitted and frequent updates for the duration of the project, in particular at the predetermined phase transitions (gate reviews).
  • Bring expertise in process and project development to the early project phases (front end loading) to ensure a best in class performance over the project development cycle.
  • Ensure the expertise for technology and process license selection and for the setup and negotiation for license and engineering contracts.
  • Conversion of defined targets in corresponding projects.
  • Development, agreement and execution of possible and necessary measures to ensure the continuous development of the refinery portfolio and further supervised contents with regard to the technology leadership and economic efficiency.
  • Definition and assurance of long-, mid- and short term goals in correspondence with the involved areas in R&M and/or in general.
  • Ensure the execution of long-, mid- and short term goals according to the requirements during the planning period.
  • Monitoring and analysis of long-, mid- and short term goals and if necessary adjustment of the execution of the plan.
  • Creation of the corresponding project basis documentation (project charter etc.) and implementation within the planning period as well as control and analysis and, if appropriate, revision of the plan.
  • Ensure approved budget adherence approved by the management and implementation of appropriate measures at proven and impending budget discrepancy and identified target/actual deviations.
  • Ensuring a proper and timely implementation of the operational technical activities in the area of ??activity according to the defined tasks.
  • Ensuring functional operational controlling in terms of the tasks to be fulfilled by the division.
  • Ensuring international benchmarking during the project cycle relating to compliance with international standards (IPA) as well as related expertise transfer between the refineries
  • Ensuring the implementation of Value Improving Practices during the project cycle.
  • Review and approval of the project cost estimate and the calculations of the expected economic benefit (LP simulation)
  • Identification of optimization potentials in the area of ??activity as well as participation during their implementation.
  • Offers expertise in projects within the business unit and/or of R&M, especially regarding the analysis and optimization of organizational processes and structures.
  • Support during the creation of a database for the purpose of the project presentation and/or reporting by introducing the ADM-specific requirements.
  • Cooperation at assessments of refineries mergers and acquisitions under guidance of the structural unit "Business Development" (Gap analysis, Due Diligence) as well as cooperation with gap analyses of identified potentials ("Gap Closing").
  • Support and professional competence cooperation to the definitions within relevant emergency plans.
  • Cultivate communication within the department.
  • Ensure periodical communication with "stakeholders" inside and outside the company.
  1. Planning and forecasting duties:
  • Planning of objectives, strategies and project content under consideration of their impact on the profitability of the project.
  • Planning of personnel, factual and financial resources for management of investment projects in the area of ??responsibility in consultation with the relevant Project Manager or Project Controls. Securing compliance of the approved budget and initiation of appropriate measures in case of imminent and identified target/actual deviations.
  • Contribute to the planning of the total investment portfolio for the refineries (incl. economic analysis, etc.) until final investment decision and budget release in your position as ADM in consultation with Technical Development / Operations / Asset Management / Site Management, Business Support and other stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the planning of personnel, factual and financial resources for the area of responsibility based on information of the affected division.
  • Assistance in the creation and development of needs-based study budgets.
  • Development of an appropriate contracting strategy for selection of the most appropriate licensor and engineering partners as well as their implementation in contract drafting and negotiation (Split of Work definition)
  • Ensuring the timely implementation of safety reviews and the implementation of necessary measures derived therefrom (HAZID, HAZOP, Process Safety reviews).


  1. Industry knowledge:
  • Advanced process engineering in refinery field
  • In-depth knowledge of project management and project budget administration
  • IT knowledge and specific software for investment projects
  • Knowledge regarding the calculation project and refinery economics
  • Knowledge regarding process safety
  • Risk assessment techniques



  1. Organization:
  • Leading and managing of project teams (incl. alliance partners) during the project phases ASSESS and SELECT.
  • Strategic management of the project throughout the project cycle especially with regard to business interests.
  • Assistance during the creation and update of guidelines for the development of projects in Refining & Petrochemicals (PMS Guideline, roadmap).


  1. Coordination:
  • Ensuring the integration of functional project controlling, especially in the early phases of the project ASSESS and SELECT.
  • Initiation and organization of Steering Committee meetings and Gate Reviews in consultation with the responsible Project Owner
  • Functional leadership of assigned employees of Alliance Partners in support of the ADM tasks and the coordination of engineering activities.
  • Creation and coordination of investments requests (motions) to the Board for approval of the required project budget.


  1. Reporting:
  • Ensuring proper and timely project execution in accordance with the conditions laid down in the PMS documentation tasks.
  • Review and approval of monthly project reports.


  1. People development: -


  1. HSEQ duties:
  • Complying with and carrying out the activities as per the provisions of SMI documents applicable to the job (e.g. our policy, directives, standards of the Refining Division, manuals, decisions, plans/ programs, procedures, guides, regulations, instructions, applicable external documents);
  • Meeting the legal and other requirements applicable for the field of environment protection, labour health and safety, protection against fire (e.g. authorizations, environment programs, emergency plans for environment, prevention and protection plans, measures as a result of the controls carried out by authorities or by authorized persons0;
  • Using, maintaining and handling in a correct manner the working equipment/ means, equipment for fire protection and of labour safety and individual protection equipment;
  • Promptly informing the head on any deviation from process parameters and any situation considered by them a hazard for environment, health and safety or on any labor, environment of technical accident occurred at the working place;
  • Informing the hierarchical head on accidents suffered by a person during the working time, on the normal route towards/ from the job and accidents by a vehicle belonging to the company;
  • Not carrying out technological modifications, changes without applying the regulations in force regarding the change management;



  1. To the above mentioned responsibilities it is possible that some others (related to the job) will be added by your Line Manager, if business will require. In case the changes in the job content are significant, a new Job Description will be prepared by your Line Manager.


V Delegation:

The job holder can delegate its duties only to positions working within Project Development after approval by the head of department.

VI Job requirements:

  • Education: Technical University Degree
  • Relevant professional experience: > 5 years
  • Experience in handling refinery projects

VII Success criteria:


  • Develop projects within time schedule and budget defined according to the portfolio management
  • Develop projects according to the PMS System.

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